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Damon chews over Elena's non-answer then says, "I guess you thought this little trip could help you figure that out, didn't you? Or maybe you're hoping I'll screw it up, so I can just make the decision for you. Am I wrong? Am I wrong?" Elena tries to say various things in between, but Damon talks over her. Finally she gets out: "It's what you do, Damon. You sabotage things. You -- I mean think about it. Every time there's a bump in the road, you lash out." Damon asks, "What if I didn't? What if there was no bump?" When Elena just looks at him, he finally says, "I'm sorry, Elena. But this time I'm not going to make it so easy for you. This time, you'll have to figure it out for yourself." And with that, he walks out, leaving Elena shaking her head in disbelief. Please join me for another...

Sidebar: Never mind my earlier "why do I bother" because I love that scene. I love it more than the (admittedly hot) kissing scene. I don't blame Damon one bit, but I don't blame Elena one bit either. Damon is tired of waiting and hoping. Manning up like he just has, and telling Elena he's not going to sabotage things and make it easy for her is the perfect decision for someone in his shoes (provided he can stick to the decision not to sabotage things). Elena, while she doesn't admit her feelings, all but does admit them when she tells him he sabotages things. Every time there is a bump, he does lash out. That's basically her saying, "Yeah I do have feelings, but..." And? Her but is valid (and hey, take the but/butt pun, because I love that Nina Dobrev has some hips, so there you go). Thank you for some forward motion on this front, Show. I don't need these two to end up with a white picket fence, but without some development, after a while, "Will they or won't they," turns into "Who fricking cares?" That is all.

Mossy Manse, Parlor. As Stefan paces, Klaus pours himself a drink, and it's not even red. Rebekah drags a still bloody Evilaric up from the dungeon. Sheesh, would someone please wash his face? I know, hey, Stef, lick it clean. Anyhow, Klaus takes a gander at Alaric's booboos. "It's a little gratuitous. Don't you think, Stefan? I would have been more gentle." Hee. Look, I can love the Originals and still be tired of them infesting Mystic Falls. It's a thing, all right? (Dear Tubey, if they ever do get their own show, may I please cover it?) Rebekah announces she's going to take Evilaric to the cave. To Evilaric, she adds, "You're going to go inside and fetch me the stake. And if you think you can hide, you're wrong." I was going to say that it's pretty stupid that they don't just call up Matt, or whomever, and have him go in the cave, but then I remembered Rebekah dousing Elena and the cave with gasoline and throwing matches in, so I guess even if Evilaric won't bring the stake out, the Beckster can get rid of it.

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