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Sentimental Sidebar: Some fans hate Rose's mini-monologue. I've seen accusations that it's heavy-handed, ham-fisted and showing rather than telling. I don't care about the first two, as I think that's a matter of taste, and hell, I just covered a season of Ringer and want it to get renewed, so clearly, all my taste is in my mouth, and I'm fine with that. But, as to the point of this being telling not showing, I object. This is telling after showing. That is, The Vampire Diaries has been showing us, for at least a season, exactly what Rose just said. Damon is different. And speaking as a woman who was once a young woman, there are people who come along, usually when you're about Elena's age. Sometimes they turn out to be great for you because they're great for you. Other times, they turn out to be great for you because they are so fucking horrible for you. I'm sorry. I usually try not to swear too much in these things, but no other modifier would do there. I had a three year relationship with a Soul Sucking Demon (SSD) when I wasn't much older than Elena. And while when I look back and shudder over what I put up with and how much of myself I lost during those three years, I also thank God for the experience because it made me the woman I am today. It made me the woman who (usually) appreciates what a grand gift my husband, Scott, is in my life. While my great parents always made it crystal clear they loved me and wanted the best for me, there were other experiences in my youth that made me doubt I was lovable, so I took what SSD had to offer without realizing how much of it was mean, crappy, emotionally abusive shit -- shit that was so bad for me. Doing so, and coming out the other side, taught me not to ever again let someone grind me down, the way I let the SSD grind me down. Now, before you Damon devotees get all up in arms, I'm not saying that Damon is Elena's SSD. I'm saying Damon is just what Rose said he is going to be -- the worst or best thing for Elena. If he's the worst thing for her, Elena will gain something from the relationship with him. If he's the best thing for her, Elena will gain everything from the relationship. Either way, it's a decision only Elena can make. Despite his love for his sister, Jeremy needs to stay out of it. He wouldn't steal her joy, so he shouldn't steal her pain. Okay, lecture over.

Fortress Forbes. Tyler is waiting in Caroline's bedroom, when she enters carrying a pillow and blanket. Her mother says Ty can stay as long as he needs, provided he stays on the couch. Tyler is bummed, but amenable. I start laughing at the morality in Mystic Falls. Yes, immortal daughter. You're a blood sucking fiend and your boyfriend is a hybrid blood sucking fiend + hound dog. He can stay over, but no sex for you. Don't get me wrong. No boy would be sleeping in my 17 or 18 year old daughter's bed, but once we're talking vampires and hybrids, some of this protectionism seems silly. Talk turns to speculation about what Damon and Stefan will learn about their bloodline's originator. Tyler says, "If Klaus didn't create their line, and they try to kill him..." Caroline kisses him and tells him she just got him back. She's not losing him again.

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