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Heart of Darkness

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Damon, Elena and Jeremy arrive at a motel. Damon needlessly says, "For the record, she's the one who wanted to stop at a motel, not me." Elena gives him A Look. Germ asks where they are. Damon says, "Corner of somewhere and nowhere, where Kol can't find us." When Germ says he can't believe Kol's a vampire, Damon replies, "Well, didn't you think it was weird you made a friend so fast. Have you met you?" Elena turns to him. "Not helping!" Heh. Time for yet another sidebar.

Seriously, Show? Sidebar: Um, has anyone uncompelled Jeremy? Does anyone plan to? Have you told him about how the protect-o ring tends to give its wearer an evil alter-ego? Show, this is where your fast pace hurts the story. The first season or two, one of the things I most loved about you is that characters had the sort of conversations real people would, during which they revealed the things going on in their lives. You avoided stilted TV conversations where people forget or otherwise fail to mention the big stuff. And I know you're probably avoiding these natural in-character revelations so there can be CONSEQUENCES later, but you used to be able to give me the crazy roller coaster ride in a much more organic way. Please get back to that in Season 4, okay? Elena and Damon failing to tell Jeremy what could happen to him because of that damned ring, and Damon failing to de-compel Jeremy -- that kind of crap makes your characters less likable and less sympathetic. And? It frustrates the heck out of this recapper. The end.

In motel room 236, it doesn't take long for Damon and Jeremy to summon Rose. She appears right after Damon tells Jeremy about how he gave Rose a day in Paradise dreamscape, to ease her dying. Rose smiles. We cut to...

Mystic Falls, Woods. Caroline's walking alone, looking for Tyler. He appears and tells her he's missed her so. They kiss and we cut to the dungeon beneath the Lockwood ruins. They're still making out. Soon the clothes start coming off. Young love. Young lust. I do not care. Do they not see those spider webs? Shudder.

Klaus Haus, Exterior. Time for some partial self-plagiarism. Matt drives Rebekah home. Before she hops out of his truck, she questions his motives for being so nice to her. Pudding Pop plays it cool, and points out it is sad that she can't get a ride home from school without thinking there's an ulterior motive (even though there is one -- well done, Pudding Pop). Rebekah drops hints about the dance. Matt deftly deflects them and flashes her a brilliant smile. She returns a soft, shy smile as she bids him goodbye and thanks him for the ride. Rebekah watches as Matt drives off. Her smile grows.

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