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Heart of Darkness

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Lockwood Dungeon. After the loving, Tyler and Caroline share some spider-crawling pillow talk. He needs to prove his sire-bond to Klaus has been broken by testing it. He feels different and freer -- way more himself. And it seems he achieved that feeling by turning about 100 times while he was off in the Appalachian Mountains. Caroline tells Tyler they've got another problem. She explains about how Matt killed Finn, and they then learned when an Original dies, his whole vampyric bloodline dies. Damon so doesn't care about Tyler as long as the Fellowship of the Falls can off Klaus without offing the Salvatore/Forbes/Bennett line. Like everyone else, Tyler assumes if Klaus dies, he'll die too. I say we don't know that, since Tyler was a werewolf before he was a vampire.

No Tell Motel. Damon comes out of the bathroom wearing only his pants. Somerhalder is frakking cut. I wonder how much working out it takes to get abs like that? Not that I'm ever going to try. It's just idle curiosity. He puts on a shirt, but leaves it open, bless his heart, and pours himself a drink. At first, he doesn't realize that Elena, who is lying in bed, is just staring at him. After he's sitting for a while, their eyes finally meet. Elena closes hers and feigns sleep. Damon almost smiles, but not quite. Elena opens her eyes again and stares at him. Damon rises. He walks to her bed, lies on top of the covers and returns Elena's stare. Finally, she says, "You never told me about that -- what you did for Rose." Damon says, "It wasn't about you." The Elena Haters cheer.

Elena smiles and asks Damon why he doesn't let people see the good in him. He admits it's because if people (Elena) know he can be good, they (Elena) will expect him to be good. He doesn't want to live up to anyone's (her) expectations. Elena heaves a sigh and turns away so that she's lying flat on her back. When Damon takes Elena's hand, it's all too much for our girl, who was already nearly hyperventilating. She hops out of bed and leaves the room. Damon finds her outside. Without even turning toward him, Elena says, "Don't." Damon: "Why not?" A beat. "Elena?" She shakes her head then turns at runs at him. Her kiss catches him by surprise, but those super vampire reflexes allow him to get right into it. After a few moments, he moves them so that Elena is leaning against a wall. His head travels from her mouth to her neck to her d├ęcolletage. With her hands, Elena leads his face back up north to hers. They part lips and look at each other and... COMMERCIAL darn it.

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