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Witch, Please!

It's musical montage time...

Gilbert Gables: Aunt Jenna's tidying up, when she stops to consider the picture of herself and Scum. She folds it in half and tears it up -- so it must be printed on cheap paper.

Caroline's room: she carries in more junk food that Candice Accola probably eats in a year, and she and Matt laugh and plop down on her bed to pig out.

Woods: Damon sits alone and bereft on his magical toadstool, waiting for the fandom to woobify him.

Mossy Manse: Stefan stares at his journal and then says, "Cindy was right -- this is DIARY-Ahhhhh!" Okay, maybe not, but he does heave it across the room and then breaks into tears.

Gilbert Gables: Elena and Bonnie sob and talk and hug. Downstairs, the doorbell keeps Jenna from having another montage segment. When she opens it though, the audience's holy shit quotient goes up to eleven. It's not Al. You can't even call him Al. Or Ric. It's SCUM. AyeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Vampire vampire vampire -- don't invite him in.

This Thursday, it's "The Turning Point," in which Stefan and Damon realize there's a new vamp in town, and Elena makes a shocking discovery. Oooh, I hope that's what I think it is. In the meantime, come on over to the forum, and where you can raise a little hell, but not the undead, or TWoP Sun will stake you where you stand.

Cindy's going to bed. She can sleep in tomorrow, so don't call -- email instead at CynthiaMcLennan[at], or follow her on Twitter.


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