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Witch, Please!

Elena exits the school to find Stefan waiting for her. She's been worried since he wasn't in class. He tells her he didn't kill Damon, but the real reason he's there is to tell her he's not coming to school anymore. He's going to back off -- keep his distance -- it's the right thing to do. Elena, who kept telling him to go away, now puts on the puppy dog eyes. She asks if he's backing off from school, or her. They shared a loaded silence and then she curtly thanks him for telling her. He's glad she's angry. "It will be easier if you hate me."

Damon confronts Bonnie. He wants the necklace. Bonnie tells him to screw off. He tells her he wants to protect her and can get Emily off her back. She's freaked when he reveals that he knows Emily has been using it to get into her head. He says he'll get it in the end, even if he has to wait for Emily to give it to him, herself. Bonnie doesn't know what to think, but Damon doesn't care about that. He tells her to tell Emily, "A deal's a deal." He opens her car door for her, and nods for her to get in. Commercial.

Bonnie's Car: Bonnie catches Elena up on her encounter with Damon, declaring him "bad news." Elena tells him to stay as far away from Damon as possible. It's hard when he keeps showing up. Elena invites Bonnie to stay the night with her, which is so stupid, since Damon's been invited into Gilbert Gables. It doesn't matter; Bonnie's not listening. She holds onto her talisman as she drives. Suddenly, she pulls off the road, gets out of the car and hurls the necklace into an open field. When gets back in the car, Elena asks Bonnie if she's okay. Bonnie says she is now -- since all her problems were due to the bling. She doesn't care what Grams would say, either, since Grams wasn't the one being haunted.

The Grill: Jenna is eating with Jeremy, but can't help eyeing Alaric at the next table. When Jeremy asks her if she's still in her Logan "Scum" Fell funk, she clarifies that she's sworn off men, forever, but she can still appreciate the scenery. Jeremy offers to introduce them, but Jenna shakes him off.

Gilbert Gables: Stefan comes over at Elena's request. She fills him in on the necklace DRAMA with Damon and how she's being haunted. Damon tells Elena, "Her name is Emily." He made the connection the night they all had dinner together. He knows the necklace. It belonged to Katherine; Emily gave it to her. He can't quite figure it all out, but he knows he has to go to Damon to figure it out.

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