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Witch, Please!

Bonnie swears that she threw the necklace away. Elena backs her up. Bonnie tells her about the ghost, but then realizes Caroline doesn't have the backstory. There's more you don't tell me anything/you don't listen DRAMA! It's awesome.

The Grill: Jeremy has thoughtfully ditched Jenna and Al. She gives him way too much of her backstory (the whole sordid history with Scum -- that she knows anyhow). As for Al's part -- he married young and his wife died and no one, including the North Carolina police can figure out why. Raise your hand if you think a vampire killed her. He moved here for a change of pace and the town's rich history. You can put your hand down, now.

Across the bar, Stefan is still mimicking Damon and beating his ass. Settle down. I mean -- at darts. Damon's onto his reverse psychology, though, and asks what game he thinks he's playing. Stefan points out that he's been asking this for months. There's a lot of close talking and I feel faint.

Gilbert Gables: Caroline tells Bonnie that she doesn't believe in the "woo woo" but folding money says she's a Woooo Girl just the same. If Bonnie believes in it, that's all Caroline needs, because she's her BFF. "And I'm saying this, knowing that Elena's listening to my every word." Yeah, Elena's not so threatened by you at all, Caroline. She gives Bonnie back the crystal. Elena comes in and then Caroline says there's been way too much drama, so she proposes... a séance.

Up in Elena's room, the girls sit around a bunch of candles on the floor, and Caroline leads, because Bonnie wants no part of this. When Caroline brow beats her into calling on Emily, she does so -- with as little feeling as possible. But then, all hell breaks loose. First, the candles flare. And when Caroline requests a sign from Emily (because Bonnie won't) the windows fly open and Bonnie freaks. She throws her necklace down by the candles as she screams that she can't and won't. The wind (or the spirits) blow out the candles and when Elena hits the lights, the necklace is gone. Commercial!

MFHS Football Field; Night: Stefan and Damon toss around a football and get to the heart of things. He tells Damon that once he came to terms with the fact that Katherine compelled them to love her, he was better able to get over her. Damon doesn't want to go there. Stefan then asks what Damon wants with Katherine's crystal. He knows about it, because he was the last one to see Katherine "alive" which really upsets Damon. He wonders why Katherine didn't tell Stefan why the crystal was important. Stefan sneers. "We had other things on our mind." Damon gets in his face (with vamp speed) and says he could rip out his heart without thinking twice. Stefan joins us all in saying yeah yeah, tell us another one. Damon says he has a bigger surprise. He's going to bring Katherine back.

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