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Rebekah, The Evil Blood Slut

Noticing the tears in Rebekah's eyes, Elena asks if she's okay. Rebekah: "I've spent my whole life loving and hating my brother with equal measure. I never thought that I would be the one to help drive a stake through his heart." She shakes it off so she won't ruin her makeup and walks over to admire herself in the full length mirror. When she asks how she looks, Elena says, "Amazing, you're only missing one thing." She then pulls out Eloise Hawking's necklace and puts it around Rebekah's neck. Rebekah is truly touched. She smile through the tears. "Thank you." Elena, standing right behind her, puts a warm hand on Rebekah's shoulder and a cold Original disabling dagger right through her back. As Rebekah "dies" Elena tries to explain. "I'm sorry. I can't leave anything to chance, either." When Rebekah falls to the ground, Elena considers her own reflection with horror. Commercial.

Damon covers Rebekah's "corpse" with a tarp and compliments Elena on a harsh job well done. "It was very Katherine of you." Elena: "Not the way to make me feel better about myself, Damon." Damon: "It was a compliment. Sorta." Elena: "Stefan's right. Someone's going to let their humanity get in the way and screw this whole thing up. It's probably going to be me." Damon points out that since she just daggered someone, she's probably going to be fine. Elena can't help it. She feels bad about it. "I care too much, that's the problem, Damon. I'm the weak link."

Damon tries to cheer Elena up by reminding her Beckster isn't really dead. Elena asks him if he trusts MtVVS and Stefan. Damon's answer is "nope" on both accounts. She points out that they need a better plan, then. Damon: "I know what to do. You're just not going to like it... [...] because when this all goes down, I don't want you having any part of it." Elena wonders what that means. Damon: "Do you trust me?' Elena: "Yes." Damon smiles at her. "Then you have nothing to worry about." A season or two ago, I would have been throwing things at my TV and telling Elena not to be so stupid, but throughout this whole Stefan situation, Damon has earned her trust.

MFHS Night: There's a water main break; the high school gym is flooded. The dance is cancelled. This gives sire-whipped Tyler an excuse to move the party to the Mayoral Mansion, so undoubtedly Klaus set it up. Caroline calls Elena over at Mossy Manse, and lets her know. Elena is still in street clothes. Her hair is straight. She's not all made up. She wonders if she can skip the party, now that it's been relocated, but Vampire Barbie makes it clear that's entirely unacceptable.

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