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Rebekah, The Evil Blood Slut

Mossy Manse: After ending her call with Caroline, Elena answers a knock at the Mossy Manse door. It's Matt, all suited up, and carrying a corsage. Elena winces. "Um, slight problem with your Homecoming date." When Matt asks what happened, Elena says, "How would you feel about a backup date?" Matt just looks at her like not if you're wearing that.

Lockwood Mansion: There is a live band (My Morning Jacket), with a full stage and fricking light show, playing in the back yard, and the house is already wall-to-wall with people when Bonnie and Caroline arrive. Caroline can't believe Tyler planned a better party than she did, and in just minutes. She knows it's weird and marches off to find Tyler.Stefan runs into Tyler in the back, and compliments him on the party. Tyler says he's not the one that's throwing it. He's just doing their master's bidding. "It's not a party, man, it's a wake." When the band finishes their song, Klaus takes the mic and thanks the crowd for being there with him to celebrate. "It's been a long time in coming."

Matt and Elena arrive. She's fully dressed, and made-up; her hair hangs in soft waves. Matt said, "This is weird, us being here, together." That's when I'm sure what's going on. I've been expecting it since Damon told Elena he planned to keep her out of things, but now I know. Most of you have already seen the episode and are sure what's going on too, but I'm just going to recap as it happens. I think that's for the best. Okay? Those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about? Don't worry. All will be revealed. Those of you who I've now spoiled? Oops.

When Caroline approaches, Elena tells Matt to keep mum, because Caroline has no idea what's going on. Caroline tells Matt and Elena that Klaus is there, and vents about how sire-whipped Tyler is. Caroline is surprised because Elena and Matt don't seem surprised at all. Elena says, "I've learned not to be surprised by anything Klaus does. I'm going to go find Bonnie." When Elena walks off, Caroline asks what's going on and why Matt is there with Elena -- not Rebekah. Matt: "Plans change. I need a drink."

Backyard: The band plays, giving my fingers a rest until my daughter notes that they look like they could be werewolves. My Morning Jacket is a real band, and as far as I know, they're not werewolves, but she's not wrong. We pan to Elena, who is watching Klaus and Stefan walk by. The guys are talking about MtVVS. Klaus says he's been planning his funeral for a thousand year. "Granted, in no version of it were any of these people invited, but you get the idea."

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