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Rebekah, The Evil Blood Slut

As soon as Tyler gets downstairs, Damon grabs him and shoves him into the study. Once they're alone, he tells Tyler the loads of hybrids do not make a good impression. Tyler warns that his sire will be ready for any move they make. The two struggle. When Damon goes to snap Tyler's neck, to take him out of commission for a bit, Tyler goes to bite Damon, which would take Damon out of commission forever, so Damon pulls out a stake -- wait, not just A STAKE -- the magical white oak stake and goes to plunge it in Tyler's chest. Now, that's an Original killing weapon, but it works on hybrids too? Ugh. I feel like I have to watch all of last season again, to get my mythology straight. It doesn't matter, because Bonnie comes in and magically diffuses the situation, knocking out Tyler and giving Damon a mystical migraine. When Damon gives her flak for it, Bonnie reminds him he wasn't supposed to kill Tyler. Damon explains Ty tried to bite him, but Bonnie changes the subject when she spots the very special stake Damon is stashing in his jacket. He shushes her when she tries to ask if it's the magical white oak stake, because Klaus's minions are everywhere. When asks why he has it, Damon says, "Because I'm the only one who can get inside the house."

In one of the party rooms, Mindy, a female, African-American hybrid, tells Klaus he has a visitor. Way to break up a good round of beer pong, Mindy. When Klaus realizes it's Mikael, he tells another minion, "You know what to do," and goes to face his doom.

When Klaus gets to the front door, he warns MtVVS that he's surrounded by hybrids, who will do his bidding in a snap. MtVVS, who cannot enter without an invite from an owner, taunts Klaus from the porch. "The big, bad wolf. You haven't changed. Still hiding behind your playthings, like a coward. You only forget, they may be sired by you, but they're still part vampire, and they can be compelled by me." He grabs Mindy and pulls her into view. Mindy grabs Elena and pulls her into view. Commercial.

MtVVS tells Klaus to come outside and face him like a man. He's as emotionally abusive as he was in Viking times. When Klaus won't come out, MtVVS threatens Elena's life. Klaus says, "Do it." MtVVS reminds him that if Elena dies, his current crop of hybrids, "...will be the last of your abominations." Klaus: "I don't need them. I just need to be rid of you." MtVVS: "To what end, Niklaus, so you can live forever, with no one at your side?" Klaus's eyes are brimming with tears. MtVVS continues: "Nobody cares about you anymore, boy. Who do you have, other than those whose loyalty you've forced? No one. No one." Klaus says he's calling MtVVS's bluff. "Kill her." MtVVS: "Come outside and face me, you little coward, and I won't have to." The tears are streaming down Klaus's cheeks now. "My whole life you've underestimated me. If you kill her, you lose your leverage, so go ahead, go on, kill her. Go on, old man. Kill her. KILL HER!" MtVVS laughs and says that Klaus's impulsivity is the one thing that will always keep him from truly being great. I can't believe I'm feeling sorry for Satan Klaus, but I am.

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