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Rebekah, The Evil Blood Slut

MtVVS takes out a dagger and stabs Elena in the back. She gasps and falls to the porch. While Klaus is trying to take this all in, Damon Stealth-Salvatores up behind Klaus, grabs him, turns him around and stakes him with the magical white oak stake. The hybrids are captivated by this. Klaus isn't dying so much as yelling though, so I think Damon missed. Seriously Damon? You missed? Remember a couple of weeks ago when you were getting all touchy-feely with Elena's exposed tummy and showing her how to get to a vampire's heart from behind, under the ribcage? Elena remembers. She managed to dagger Rebekah and you blow your chance to stake Klaus? What the hell?

When Damon starts pulling the stake out of Klaus's belly for a freaking do-over, I guess, the camera pans to MtVVS and Mindy standing in the doorway. Elena rises to her feet BECAUSE THAT'S NOT ELENA, IT'S KATHERINE!!! And that's what I was being cryptic about earlier. And I know I wasn't all that cryptic, but sue me. I'm on a tight deadline. MtVVS senses her or something, turns around and says, "Katherine." She turns her back on him, reveals she's holding two wolfsbane grenades, pulls the pins, tosses them toward the waiting hybrids and deadpans, "Kaboom." The grenades explode. The hybrids shield their eyes and fall and whatever else hybrids do when doused with wolfsbane and flying shards of glass.

Back inside, Damon finally gets the stake out of Klaus's gut and raises it to plunge it into his heart, when Stefan comes out of nowhere, pulls his brother off Klaus and pounces on Damon, which knocks the stake free. Klaus gets it and stakes MtVVS. The stake and MtVVS go up in flames. Klaus stands watch over the inferno. So wait -- is there now no way to kill Satan Klaus? [Shoddy Gypsy craftsmanship. --Angelus]

Damon eye-things at Stefan. "What the hell did you do?" Klaus says, "He's earned his freedom." Stefan releases his grip on Damon, and rises to face Klaus, who says, "Thank you, my friend. You no longer have to do as I say. You're free." His pupils do that little compulsion trick while he's talking. Stefan closes his eyes. When he opens them, he appears very stoned. He turns around to look at Damon, who is gone. Commercial.

Fortress Forbes: Caroline wakes in her own bed, when she hears the floorboards creaking. It's Tyler. He asks if she's okay and apologizes for stabbing her. "It was the only way I could think to get you out of there." Caroline says, "Oh yeah? Not -- 'Hey Caroline, I'm worried about what might happen this evening, so maybe you should just go home and watch Dancing With the Stars?'" Tyler says he knows that if she knew the Fellowship of the Falls was moving on Klaus, she never would have left.

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