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This is an odd little episode, so I'm skipping the Previouslies and getting right to it so that I don't distract myself. You ready? Okay. We open...

One Year Ago. Professor Atticus "Shady" Shane runs through the woods of what we'll later learn is a super-secret island, 200 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. Think of it as Craphole, Down East. In the recaplet, I already remarked on the terrain and weather, so I'm going to try to avoid doing so here unless it frustrates me beyond all belief (which is not inconceivable).

A man is scrambling some ways behind Shane. This man has a white stripe painted across his nose and his hands have been dipped in white. (Or he's wearing gloves, but I think it's paint) He has long dark hair and in this funky lighting the man's skin looks darker than your average Caucasian, so I think he's supposed to be a First Nations person (in Canada, that term is preferred over Native American). I'm deciding he is, unless we learn otherwise. I want to give him a name. I don't want it to be racially icky, but I can't just keep calling him the apparently First Nations man who is some ways behind Shane, so I hereby declare him The White Hand. Please feel free to add an of Saruman if it pleases. I'll just be referring to him as WH.

It's unclear if WH is chasing Shane or merely following him. Caveat lector: despite the exposition overdose, there's a lot that is unclear in this episode. What do you think of Flashback Shane's hair? I've read comments from people who prefer it, but to me, it looks like he took the trouble to get a blow out before taking a motorized inflatable boat to an imaginary, desolate, geographically and climatically improbable island. Considering how crazy Shane is, I find that quite believable and certainly easier to swallow than things to come.

Shane makes it out of the forest and to the foot of a cliff, where he finds the opening to a cave. Inside, there's writing on the wall that -- ugh, can I just interrupt to say how much I hate the me who wrote the recaplet? This episode was hard to sum up, so when I began the recaplet, I started out by including as much detail as I might in a recap. Now I'm in a bind. I don't want to leave things out in case you didn't read the recaplet, but I don't want to repeat myself for those of you who did. Bear with me, because after Damon's "Hawaii" question it will be a lot fresher in here. Anyhow, there is writing on the cave walls. Some of it is modern. I can make out John Moredock and HELP ME, as well as Carter and then something that I believe is Runic for Kilroy was here. Shane rubs his hands on the etchings, then proceeds to the edge of a seemingly bottomless hole in the ground, which is clearly symbolic of this season's mythology mess. As Shady Shane shines his light down into it, we flash forward to the...

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