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Damon teases Elena about abandoning her Team Building skills, then reminds her that Stefan only brought Becky to make Elena think he's moved on and to make Damon think he's not getting under his skin. The closed captioning disagrees with me and the Somerhalder mumbles, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Elena tries on a new outlook for size and realizes that if they just get the cure, Rebekah will be a human and much less of a threat. Damon: "Human Rebekah. Can't imagine her without fangs." This provides Elena the opportunity to ask Damon what he'll do with the cure once they've found it. Will he take it? Despite her hopeful look, all Damon says is, "I don't want to speculate." I love how all these characters assume there will be enough of the cure for anyone who wants it. I desperately hope they're wrong.

We cut to Bonnie feeling up Jeremy. Oh, she's using the cover of photographing his now visible tattoo. I'm going to ignore Jeremy's rock hard nipples and just point out that the tattoo is a pretty shitty map, isn't it? Bonnie explains the symbols to Jeremy and reiterates the Silas and Q story. When Silas decided to share his Immortality Potion with another woman, Q killed that woman and Silas was doomed to live forever without his true love. Q would have liked to kill him too, but since she couldn't, she trapped him in a cave and buried him alive.

Jeremy asks if the tattoo indicates the hunter's role in all of this. Shane, who has been listening, comes over and lays out some more exposition. Q created an immortality cure and buried it with Silas. Her hope was that he'd take it, then die and join her on the other side, but Silas wouldn't give her the satisfaction, which seems ridiculous of him. I mean, he lost his love -- wouldn't he want to join her on the other side? Maybe witches and mortals can't mingle on the other side. The witches are awfully busy, what with tormenting people like Grams and Esther Mikaelson for all eternity. Centuries later, Q's descendants created the hunters, i.e. the Brotherhood of the Five, to find, cure and kill Silas. Shane says he'll explain more on the hike. God save me.

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Klaus is just pouting and mourning Kol, in his mystical prison. Tyler comes over to taunt him. He can't wait 'til the Fellowship returns with the cure, so he can shove it down Klaus's throat and then kill him. Klaus says, "I'm an Original. What makes you think my entire vampire bloodline won't be cured along with me, i.e. you." Tyler thinks the cure will break the blood connection and so whatever happens to Klaus will only happen to Klaus. Tyler can't wait to kill him, he's just deciding on the method. Klaus decides to rub some salt in the wound. "I recommend drowning. There's nothing quite like the feeling of someone fighting for something as basic as human breath. And let me tell you, your mother was a fighter." Mean.

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