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Back on Craphole East, Rebekah joins Stefan by the fire, where he is pondering the tombstone. This all but unkillable Original swears the place is haunted and she's afraid. I'm afraid of finishing this recap. I was fine after my first viewing. This wasn't my favorite episode ever, but I recognized it for what it is -- it gets all the pieces in place. It just doesn't hold up to detailed review. To be fair, Stefan points out Rebekah's relative invulnerability to her, but she just shrugs it off and asks what he'll do when Elena becomes human and wants him back. Stefan asks Rebekah why she wants it, since she's the perfect vampire. I don't know where that came from, but whatever. Rebekah's response is worth it. "It's all an act, Stefan. Being a vampire is miserable. I would give anything to be human. Normal." Stefan feels that and says that if he takes the cure, it won't be for Elena, but rather for himself.

Bonnie finds Shane in the cabin and says that thorough review of Jeremy's tattoo has failed to reveal a spell. Shane says Expression doesn't require a written spell. It's a way to access the magic already inside her, provided she wants it enough. Oh well then, tattooing it on Jeremy's comely physique is just the ticket. I mean, damn. Bonnie asks if she's supposed to trust Shane. He promises he'll be with her the whole time she's accessing the cure. Damon appears and points out that Shane didn't answer the trust question. Shane says Bonnie needs him to help her through it. He and Caitlyn lost their son Sam in a car accident. Also a witch, Caitlyn used Expression in an attempt to resurrect him, and it killed her.

Bonnie is understandably irate that Shane taught her the same magic that killed his wife. Shane brushes aside her worries. He's experienced now and can keep Expression from consuming her. Damon says, "The downside is, you've turned her into a bomb that only you can handle." Shane: "Don't you think I know how this ends? I came here to raise Silas so that he could bring back the dead, but you're never going to let that happen. The second I point to a cure, you're going to kill me. Now Bonnie has to keep me alive, so that I can keep her alive." All right, that's horrifying and manipulative, but smart. What bugs me is, why would Shane think that Silas would want to raise all the dead? He didn't raised his lover before he was trapped by Q. Later exposition will answer my question, but it won't satisfy me. Season Gore Cure Bore has turned this show's mythology into spaghetti. I can only hope Shane is wrong, like Curse Of the Sun And Moon levels of wrong.

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