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Outside, the mortal Jeremy is sleeping alone in a tent, even though there is a cabin and even though someone already tried to kill him. This is so he can be abducted, which he is. I guess it's WH who grabs him, but the shots are so dark, I honestly don't know. Commercial.

Gilbert Gables. Tyler is trying to comfort Caroline, who is freaking out since Klaus's bite is fatal to her and his blood is the only cure. Assuring Caroline he'll fix this, Tyler turns to Klaus and asks him to save their girlfriend. Klaus says okay, opens a vein and tells Tyler to beg for it. Tyler's not really good at begging. He mostly says the right words, but he's got way too much attitude. Klaus agrees with me and tries to get Tyler to be a bit more contrite, but then decides it would pathetic of him to help the guy who announced his plan to kill him. Even when Tyler promises to be Klaus's slave again, Klaus refuses to help her. In a low voice, Caroline tells Tyler to get her out of there. "I can't even look at him." As Tyler gathers Caroline in his arms, Klaus looks on with a sad expression, but it's sort of hard to feel for him since HE CAUSED ALL THIS.

Craphole, Down East. It's daytime, before anyone in the brain trust realizes Jeremy is missing. When Damon tells everyone to split up and search, Bonnie says she'll stay behind and perform a locator spell. Shane says he'll remain behind to keep Bonnie in check and Damon decides he'll remain behind to keep an eye on Shady Shane. This leaves Elena, Rebekah and Stefan to search together. AND AGAIN, none of these super hearers heard Jeremy get snatched. I can't even...

Inside the cabin, Damon catches Shane using the Sat Phone he swore wasn't working. He accuses Shane of using the phone to contact whoever grabbed Jeremy. He's right, of course, so Shane suggest the island is just getting to Damon. Oh, Shane -- Damon's been on way weirder islands than this one. Until Damon and I see a buried hatch, a Smoke Monster or a Polar Bear (which, granted, would be a little less odd than it was in the South Pacific), we are officially unimpressed with your spooky island.

Damon gets rough with Shane. Throwing him into a chair, he demands the location of the Bore. Shane says Silas and the cure are buried below the magical well. He's never seen the crypt, but he knows it's there because Caitlyn's spirit told him. We flash back to scenes with Caitlyn's spirit and Shane. She tells him if he can set Silas free, he will help all those who helped him. She tells Shane he needs to get the spell. Back in the present, Shane links the hunter's mark and a descendant of Q (Bonnie, clearly) to the spell to free Silas. We cut to the...

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