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Campfire Stories

Great Outdoors. Using an article of clothing, Bonnie does a locator spell to find Jeremy. When it bursts into flames, she throws it on the campfire. The flames turn into a track through the woods, but the woods fail to go up in smoke and put me out of my misery. So Bonnie, taking a page out of Buffy's book, walks through the fire and lets it burn.

Meanwhile, Stefan, Elena and Rebekah are using exactly none of their super powers to find Jeremy. Instead, the ladies are bickering. Rebekah is still bitter about that time Elena pretended to be her friend only to dagger her, "...because I'm the evil one." Elena says, "Technically, you didn't achieve evil status until you killed me." Just then, Elena triggers a trip wire. Rebekah, finally using a super power other than her hissy fit powers, stops whatever that is that would have stabbed Elena. Elena looks at her savior. I think you girls should both forget about the Salvatore boys and become friends for real. It would probably be better for all four of you, honestly. Commercial.

When Elena thanks Rebekah for saving her life, Rebekah says, "I don't care what happens to you either way, but if you're going to die it might as well be epic." Oh, that word. That word. And actually, Beckster, since this whole frigging season has been about getting a frigging cure for Elena's vampirism, if she got staked to death during this cure quest, it would be epic to me at least. Elena decides she's going to go back and check on Bonnie. Thank goodness someone is.

Back in the cabin, Damon says they've got the tombstone, the hunter and the witch. He wants to know how the dozens who died in the sacrifice tie into this spaghetti ball. Shane says the sacrifices weren't an easy pill to swallow. We flash back to him reminding Caitlyn's spirit that he's so gentle, he refused to serve a meat course at their wedding. Speaking for the audience, Shane wonders where the sense is in sacrificing people who are just going to be brought back. Caitlyn says the spell that brings her back requires a witch to channel more magic than she could from nature. Shane says he can't sacrifice innocent people, so Caitlyn touches his face and asks if he can feel it. She assures him he doesn't have to do the killing. He just has to convince someone else to do it. Oh, no blood on those hands, Lady MacBeth.

Back in the present, Damon connects the dots. I'm not going to. You're bright people -- I know you're keeping up. He knows three sacrifices are needed. The Council slaughter was one and the hybrids were the second. He wants to know what the third one is. "So, what... you brought us all out here in the middle of nowhere to complete massacre number three?" Shane says it doesn't work that way. Damon wants to know where the well is. When Shane refuses, Damon spies some rope in the corner of the cabin. We cut to...

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