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MFHS Science Lab: Elena meets Bonnie in the science lab, where she's leafing through Emily Bennett's grimoire. She shows Elena the description of Original Johnathan's vampire hunting devices. The ACTUAL VAMPIRE COMPASS is in there, as well as some rings (the civilian rings, I guess) and the mysterious Gilbert Gizmo. Elena says, "Yeah, that's it. Well, part of it. Damon only has the one piece." Hmmm. I didn't notice that line, the first time I watched. The kicker? None of Original Johnathan's inventions worked until Emily (unbeknownst to O.J.) mojo'd them up. Sure she had a debt to Katherine, but she couldn't leave the townsfolk vulnerable to vamps, so she tried to ensure they had some protection. Whereas the ACTUAL VAMPIRE compass is a warning system, the mystery Gilbert Gizmo in an anti-vampire weapon. The girls are surprised Isobel's looking for it.

MFHS; Exterior: Elena and Jeremy run into each other amid the float building and other parade preparations. She asks if he's seen Stefan. He hasn't, but he wants to talk to her for a second. Elena says sure. "What's going on?" Jeremy: "Well, it's Anna." Elena's eyes nearly pop out of her head at the mention of the name. Jeremy's too worried to notice her reaction, so he continues. "I left her all these messages and she hasn't gotten back to me -- not even a text." Elena tries to play innocent, saying she didn't know they were still friends. Jeremy: "Well, we're more than friends. Look, something could be seriously wrong, and if you know anything -- you've gotta tell me." Elena shakes her head. "I haven't talked to her, Jer." Jeremy: "Are you lying to me, right now?" Elena: "Why would you say that?" Jeremy: "'Cause that's what you do, Elena. You lie. You lie about everything." Whoa. Awesome. I sympathize with Elena's decision to have Jeremy mind-wiped, but it was the wrong choice all the same, and she shouldn't get off Scott-free. Jeremy: "I know what Anna is, and I know that you know. So tell me -- do you have any idea where she is?" Even though she's telling the truth, Elena chokes as she answers. "No." Jeremy walks away from her. Elena calls him back, but he ignores her. And if her day wasn't bad enough, Elena turns around to find herself face to face with Isobel.

Isobel wastes no time in letting Elena knows that she knows all her nearest and dearest: witchy best friend Bonnie, sad little brother Jeremy, Matt, and Caroline. "I got all my info from her, by the way. She had no idea who I was and she wouldn't stop yapping." Screeeeeeeetch. How does that work, exactly? Did she go up to Caroline and say, "Hey stranger, what can you tell me about Elena Gilbert?" Sure, if she'd introduced herself as Elena's bio mom, Caroline probably would have spilled all those beans, but then Caroline would have immediately sought out Elena and complained that she never told her she was adopted. There's no way for this Izzy/Caroline conversation to have happened naturally. Caroline's yappy, but she's not stupid. Honestly, I would have preferred to assume that Isobel knows things because she's lurky like most vampires. Anyhow, Isobel goes on about Matt, implying he'd be an interesting target. Elena tells her Matt's not involved, and asks Isobel to leave. It's then that Izzy points out that she has some friends there, too. It's Cowboy Frank. He's standing right near Matt, who's working on a float with a rusty axle. Isobel says Frank's handsome and handy. All he has to do is apply a little bit of pressure and... Elena screams, "NO!" as Frank jumps up on the back of the trailer, which falls on Matt's arm, trapping him underneath.

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