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Elena tries to run to Matt, but Isobel pulls her back. Tyler is one of the first ones to the rescue. He and the other boys push with all their might, but they can't budge the trailer until Super Stefan swoops in to lend a hand. Isobel says if Elena hands over the Gilbert Gizmo, the "fun" will stop. Elena repeats that Damon won't give it to her. Isobel: "I think you're underestimating how much Damon cares about you." Elena says, "He'll kill you before he gives it up." Isobel: "Is that before or after I kill your brother Jeremy." Elena looks over to where Jeremy had been standing (with Cherie lurking behind him) just moments before. He's gone! As Elena screams her brother's name, Isobel disappears. Commercial.

Parade Prep: Caroline reports the ambulance is saying it'll be 15 or 20 minutes before they arrive. Say what? To an accident at a school, in preparation for the ever-glorious, all important, decidedly ubiquitous, never fricking ending Founders Day? So. Not. Buying. That. It's a sloppy contrivance to get the boys back together. You know what would have been a better one? Matt insisting that Caroline not call an ambulance because he has neither the insurance nor dough to cover the ride. Anyhoo, Tyler will drive Matt, but Matt won't go with Tyler. Caroline can't drive, because she doesn't have her car. When Matt says he'll wait, Caroline says enough is enough. "You will not wait, okay. You need to see a doctor. Tyler's driving. End of story." Matt finally gives in.

Isobel's: Snark returns to find Isobel packing. She doesn't have the missing piece yet, but she has the next best thing -- Jeremy. Snark is less than pleased to see that his nephew is being used as bait and demands Jeremy's immediate release. Isobel threatens John. "That gaudy ring on your finger? It comes off." Snark starts to sweat, so he appeals to the remnants of Isobel's humanity. "Come on, Isobel. I know you. It's me, John. You can't hurt a kid." Isobel: "I'll kill him to prove you wrong." Snark stupidly asks if she's the far gone. He goes on about how the old Isobel must be in there, somewhere. Nothing pisses off Isobel more than intimating she might have retained a shred of decency or human feeling. On her command (in French) she and the newly empowered pets overpower Snark. Once he's down, Frank keeps kicking him. After a quick look at Jeremy, Isobel softly says, "Hey," to get Frank to stop. She nearly winces as she hopes no one notices that she cares. She then rips off Snark's Magical Ring, and takes the lead on Gizmo retrieval. Jeremy tries not to panic as he watches his uncle suffering on the floor.

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