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Creepy Supernatural promo. "My name is Death and the end is here." Are you watching?

Gilbert Gables; Jeremy's Room: When Jeremy reaches Anna's voicemail once again, he hangs up in disgust. It's then that Elena enters his room without knocking. "Jeremy, we have to talk about this." Jeremy says they really don't. Elena says there are things he really needs to know. Jeremy: "Yeah, because I'm pretty sure your journal covers it." Elena: "You read my journal?" Jeremy: "Yeah. Save me the speech about 'invasion of privacy' because I read a section about Damon erasing my memory about what happened to Vicki." Oh Show, your reveals are so awesome. Never stop. Please, never stop. Elena says he doesn't understand. "The night that Vicki died -- it was like Mom and Dad died all over again." Jeremy swallows hard as Elena continues. "It was all over your face. And it hurt so much to see you like that. I just wanted to take away your pain. I'm so sorry." Jeremy closes his eyes for a moment, and then: "Just get out." Elena tries to plead her case, but he'll have none of it. "Just get out. Please." Elena sighs and turns to go, but after she crosses the threshold, she has second thoughts. "Jer, I..." Jeremy's heart hardens. He closes the door RIGHT IN HER FACE, which means I have to go back to calling him Germ full time, at least for a while.

MFHS; Night: Isobel surprises Alaric in the corridor. Him: "What do you want?" Her: "I totally get it. You -- here -- as a history teacher. It's good." Alaric wants to know what she's doing. "You act like you don't care, and yet you're -- you're hunting me down." Izzy shakes her head and then finally says, "I'm leaving. I just thought I'd say goodbye." Alaric: "Well, you couldn't be bothered the first time, so why now?" Isobel smiles. "You hate me. Good." Alaric asks if that makes it easier for her. He doesn't understand the point of any of this. Isobel: "What did you expect? You spent all this time trying to track me down. What did you think you would find?" Alaric waves his his bling-heavy right hand. "The woman who gave me this. I mean -- you act like you don't care, but you cared enough to protect me after you left." Isobel frowns and shrugs. "I was a different person, back then." Alaric's all right -- and she's gone. He slips off his ring and tosses it to Dizzy Miss Izzy. "You expect me to believe that?" Then he removes a sprig of Vervain from his coat pocket and lets it drop to the floor. "I'm ring-free; I'm Vervain-free -- so either kill me or compel me, because I don't believe it -- not for a second."

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