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The only reasons I can come up with for Katherine's involvement with Uncle Snark (Uncle Daddy?) -- with this plan to kill all the tomb vampire-refugees is that she fears reprisal, or that she has other plans for Mystic Falls. To me, the real question is: will she cheer the plan to eliminate Damon and Stefan, or will she rue it? Finally, why has she stayed away from her oh so handsome vampyric descendants, all these years? Does she blame them for her "death" and the arrests, or is she repenting for her past crimes? Heh. Okay, blame it is.

Well, the triangle is heating up nicely. On the boards, some people are sweating this, but my head (Stefan), my groin (Damon), my heart (both) have formed a triangle of their own. How can you not love both of these boys? That's just crazy sauce. Yes, Damon's an Evil Pixie Monster, but he's a beautiful Evil Pixie Monster and so very much love's bitch. I can't resist, despite myself.

C'mon back Friday morning for my recaplet of "Founder's Day." Yeah, that apostrophe floats, but that's how the episode is listed. Once I saw the "Founders Hall" sign outside the founders' headquarters, I decided to drop the apostrophe altogether when referring to the event(s) so now they've made it a singular possessive in the episode title. Whatever, Show. While you're waiting out the long week until the season finale, come on over to the forums, where no one interrupts Damon during strip poker. No one.

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