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Speaking of, Caroline and Bonnie are on the other side of the Founderteria, doing just that. In another product placement for, Caroline enters "Mystic Falls Founders' Day" into the search engine, and finds what she's looking for on the first page of hits -- a picture of last year's Miss Mystic float. If you try the same search today, you'll find nothing of the sort. And I've just found one thing How I Met Your Mother does better than The Vampire Diaries: build websites that are referenced on the show. Maybe next time, TVD. Maybe next time.

Anyhow, last year's float looks like the aftermath of a birthday cake explosion, so Caroline's desire to do everything differently makes sense to me. She says their float will exude Southern, classic elegance. Bonnie's apparently been down this road with Caroline, before. "Gone With the Wind?" Caroline: "How did you know?" Bonnie: "You channel Scarlett, daily." Bonnie's Inner Voice: And if you try to make me the Prissy to your Scarlett, I'll shove your hoop skirt up your ass and go all Sherman vs. Atlanta on it, WITH MY MIND. Caroline looks around as she wonders why Elena isn't there yet. Bonnie's face turns to stone. "I don't know." Caroline wants to know what the deal is. "You and Elena are fighting, spill." Bonnie says it's nothing. Caroline doesn't believe her but whatever -- she's tired of the drama llama infiltrating her social circle. "The whole float is supposed to be about friends creating something together, and everyone is fighting. Matt and Tyler hate each other. You and Elena are on the outs. I don't like it, and I can't fix it if I don't know what's wrong." Bonnie apologizes but says she can't talk about it.

Alaric's Classroom: Damon enters and "apologizes" for being the last to arrive. When he sees the grim looks on Elena and Stefan's faces he wants to know what's wrong. Alaric: "I saw Isobel last night." As Damon takes this in, he looks at Elena and we cut to...

Swanky House; Exterior: Uncle John "Snark" Gilbert drives up to someone's fancy digs and walks right in. He follows the music until he finds Isobel lounging around watching her pets/personal exotic dancers. Since the mother and child reunion is only a motion away, Isobel is preparing, like you do, by watching enthralled jazz singer pet, Cherie, fooling around with enthralled cowboy pet, Frank (Michael Roark). Frank isn't just an enthralled cowboy, he's a big gay enthralled pet cowboy who Isobel has temporarily degayed. Uncle John "Snark" Gilbert is appalled! Who's he going to play with? Oh no, wait. He's appalled because he thinks vampires shouldn't treat people like dolls. Isobel: "If we're going to be partners, you really have to stop being such a hater." Druggies can be forgetful, so John reminds her they're partners working toward a specific, shared goal. "Don't ever confuse that for an acceptance of your lifestyle." What a prig. Izzy's still stoned out of her gourd, so the lifestyle comment makes her snort.

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