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MFHS: Once Stefan hears Elena didn't feel well and ended up bagging on school, he decides to take off and see if she's all right. Caroline, remembering her promise, stops him, by admitting that she told Tyler she is a vampire. Caroline is so much more awesome as a vampire than she was as a human; I just want to smish her.

Ye Olde Tomb: Elena wants to know about the link between the Petrova bloodline and Satan Klaus breaking the curse. Per Kat, Petrova blood was used to seal the curse, and the doppelganger was created as a way to undo the curse. That makes sense on its face, but when I think about it too long, it confuses me, as do many of this week's mythology moments. I can't decide if I'm just missing something, or if I'm not buying it all because I shouldn't, so I won't waste your time with analysis. I'll just waste your time with explanations of why you aren't getting any. Um... analysis, that is. I don't know your life.

Flashback, England; 1492: Katherine arrives at the safe cottage and begs entry, but the woman who answers the door refuses, so Kat name-drops Trevor. Rose overhears this, comes to the door and compels the woman to let Kat in. Kat shows Rose the moonstone, explains it was to be used in the curse-breaking sacrifice, so she grabbed it and escaped. Rose says people do not escape from Satan Klaus, and anyone who tries to help someone do so? DIES. Kat thanks Rose for putting herself at risk, but Rose begs to differ. She shoves Kat in a room and tells her she is so not putting herself at risk. At nightfall, she going to march Katherine back to Satan Klaus and begging for mercy.

Richmond; Present: Damon and Rose park in an underground garage so she can get out of the car without bursting into flames. As they set out to meet Slater, Damon grabs her and warns that if she's setting him up, he'll rip out her heart and shove it down her throat. Wouldn't a vampire enjoy that meal? Okay, I guess not if it was her own heart, but you know what I mean. Maybe you don't. Maybe I don't. I'm knackered. Anyhow Rose quickly shows Damon that she is older and stronger than he. When she releases her grip on him though, she tells him he can trust her. What do you think, people? Can he? Can we?

In a cafe with some double-glazed UV protecto glass that's safe for vampires, they meet up with Slater, who keeps trying to make me think he's Castiel's baby brother. He has been going to college since he was vamped in 1974. He's got umpteen degrees; he knows who Damon is, and is a total fanboy. Come join us on the on the boards, Slater.

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