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Ye Olde Tomb: Katherine clearly never got marched back to Satan Klaus, and we learn via flashback how that went down. Katherine stabs herself to avoid going back. She's in pretty rough shape and Rose can't have her dying on her, so Rose cuts herself and force-feeds her blood to Katherine, who heals right up. Trevor arrives home, and he and Rose argue about the Katherine complication. Trevor can't help it. He lurves KaKa. The only choice he sees for any of them is to run until they die. Just then, they hear a noise coming from Katherine's room. They rush to find her hanging. Fabulous! She just vamped herself. Katherine is a wonderful villain. Can we keep her, please?

Once the flashback is over, Katherine tells Elena that only a human Petrova doppelganger is any use for the spell, so she figured she'd be safe once she was a vampire. However, she's been on the run from him for 518 years. "I underestimated his spirit for vengeance." Ya think? Katherine knows she's getting to Elena, so she tries to tempt her into changing into a vampire. This. This right here is what's making me suspicious. Part of me wonders whether Katherine is still a viable doppelganger -- just harder to catch because she's a vamp. Maybe the doppelganger has to be a vampire, but Katherine decided that if she became one on her own, she had a better chance of escape. The bottom line -- I can't see why she'd want to give Elena the chance to turn. Maybe she just wanted to tempt her into touching her so she could pull her in the tomb and chow down. I guess I just don't trust Katherine nearly as much as Elena seems to right now. That said, Elena chooses NOT to drink Katherine's blood and turn. Good choice, E. I'd hold out for some vintage Salvatore, too.

We flash back to the cottage, where Rose tries to get Trevor to snap out of his hormone-fueled delusions. Katherine totally set them up. "She used you to help her escape and me to turn her... Klaus will see our role in this." Katherine apologizes, but Rose isn't swayed and tries to stake her. Katherine grabs the old woman, uses her as a human shield and then bites her neck to ensure her transformation. Rose knows Katherine has also just ensured their deaths. Katherine finds this shrug-worthy. "Better you die than I." Hee. Once the flashback ends, Katherine explains to Elena that she had to look out for herself, and warns Elena she'd be smart to adopt that point of view.

Grill: Caroline occupies Stefan by telling him how she ended up revealing her new nature to Tyler. Stefan is upset, but he's awfully fond of Caroline. She just makes it hard to help her out, but he'll keep her secret from the Evil Pixie Monster, so that he doesn't flip out and kill her on impulse. He tells Caroline she reminds him of Lexi. Caroline teases him about actually having a friend, but she doesn't know Lexi is dead, so she's not being mean; she's just being our classic Care Bear. When Stefan starts mumbling about leaving to check on Elena, Caroline steers the conversation back to Tyler and the upcoming full moon.

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