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The Reveal: Slater hangs up and we learn that Elijah is with him and compelled him to make that call. Yes, Elijah is special and can compel his fellow vamps, which just really freaks Slater out. Me, too. Slater, you're so going to die. Ooh, yeah, here it comes. Elijah compels Slater to drive a stake through his very own heart. Plunge. Squick. Thud. What a waste! But wait, we're not done. Slater is, but we're not. Dr. Jonas Martin walks into the room as asks Elijah if that was really necessary. Elijah says it had to be done. "He delivered his message. It won't be long now." EEEEeeeek. And now we have to wait until frakking December 2nd for a new episode. I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I can take it.

In the meantime, please join us on the boards where we're hiding all of Damon's shirts in a sealed tomb, and keening over the brief hiatus.

Read other famous vampires' diaries, then join our vloggers in debating whether Diaries beats True Blood, below.

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Cindy McLennan is a wife, mother, and unrepentant fangirl of The Vampire Diaries. You can e-mail her at CynthiaMcLennan[at] or follow her on Twitter.

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