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Recapper: Okee dokee artichokees. I'm trying something different this week.

Damon: Is it that transcript style thing where we all have to tell our stories?

Recapper: No, something more different. Differenter.

Damon: Differenter? And they pay you for this?

Recapper: Hush, you. And since this isn't one of those transcript things, please shoo.

Damon: Hey baby, I've been invited in. I can come and go as I please.

Recapper: Don't make me turn on my sprinkler system. I've loaded the pipes with Vervain.

Damon: I've been taking a little every day to build up an immunity.

Recapper: Yes, but as we saw when Stefan had Katherine down in the dungeon, earlier this season. If you're doused with it, it's still going to burn and temporarily disfigure you. It will be brief, but it will be ugly, just the same.

Damon: Hmmmm. I'm too pretty to be ugly, so let's chalk this up as one of those go as I please moments. I've got some women to enthrall and feed off of, anyhow. TTFN.

Recapper: Thank goodness he's gone. I can't really write with those Evil Pixie Monster eyes blazing in my direction. Now, where were we? Oh yes, something different. Well, if you're reading this, you probably already know what happens in episode 2-19, "Klaus," because you watched it. And if you don''t know what happens, you can access the recaplet via the link at the top of this weecap. I've got Spring fever, so instead of strictly telling you what happened in "Klaus," let's talk about about what happened, and maybe what it means. You ready? Okay.

This week, we get confirmation that it was indeed Elena (not Katherine-as-Elena) who pulled the dagger out of Elijah. I'm glad about that, because it would have made no sense had it been Katherine. Anyhow, when Elijah resurrects, he can't breathe, and quickly realizes it's because he hasn't been invited into Mossy Manse, so he flies out the door (but not in a bat way, just on foot). I like this MYTHOLOGY MOMENT. Part of me can't help but wonder if the writers will make use of it down the line. I also wonder what constitutes an invite. For example, were the Fellowship of the Falls to incapacitate a vampire in the future and bring it down into the dungeon and chain it up, but Elena never officially invited it in, could the vampire be killed that way? I mean, all we know is that vampires cannot enter without being invited. What I'm wondering is whether or not an unconscious vampire can be carried in by people or monsters who can enter the home, or would its head just keep hitting that supernatural barrier? Okay, I'm getting the giggles imagining the Salvatore boys thunking an unconscious Klaus's head against the barrier, so I'll leave this thread be and get on with it. No, wait. Now I'm imagining them doing the same to Katherine. Go on. You try it. See? Funny. Okay, now we'll get on with it.

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