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Know Thine Enemy

Jeremy: But it's spooky, scary and obviously causes Bonnie a lot of pain. I can tell she's not exactly being forthcoming with me about this whole empowerment. She shows me how strong she is by whipping up this really cool windstorm, but also cops to the fact that the witches warned her about harnessing so much power. Later, I realize what else is going on. If Bonnie is able to use all this power to kill Klaus, she will be emptied of not only the power, but also her life-force. First my sister, now my girlfriend. Why do all the women in my life have these messiah complexes?

Bonnie: Look, it's different with me. Elena was ready to die only to save all of us. Whereas I'm ready to die not only to save Elena, but everyone.

Recapper: Um.

Bonnie: It sounded more convincing when I read it as written in the script.

Recapper: Yeah, but on closer inspection, there isn't a big difference, is there?

Jeremy: I know, right? I keep going over and over it, but I smoked too much pot back in the day. I feel like I'm missing something, but I can't put my finger on it.

Recapper: I never went in for the stuff. I don't think it's the pot.

Bonnie: [performs spell to end this conversation]

Writers: Bless you, Bonnie.

Caroline: Hey, you? What about me?

Recapper: What about you?

Caroline: Can I tell my story, now?

Recapper: Be my guest.

Caroline: Great. Okay, so I've been trying to get ahold of Matt all day, and where do I end up finding him? In my house, that's where. He tells me that he called my mother out on Vicki's death, and she brought him there to talk and calm down, but then got called away. He then demands to know the truth from me. So I tell him. I tell him EVERYTHING.

Recapper: Everything-everything?

Caroline: Well, a lot of it happens off screen, so it's hard to say. Anyhow, after I tell him whatever I tell him, he freaks out and is really mean to me and says it's too much to know and demands that I compel him to forget. So that like...wasted an afternoon. I comply of course -- compel him to forget -- and then he leaves.

Matt: Right, I leave, and get right into Sheriff Forbes' cruiser.

Liz: Yeah, 'cause we're totally in cahoots. My daughter is dead and the thing that wears her face is in cahoots with a bunch of other blood-sucking fiends, so Matt and I are in cahoots, too. I doped him with Vervain before he went to talk to Caroline.

Matt: Yeah, that whole "Compel me, dammit," attitude? A farce. Now I know everything, but the Fang Gang will think I know nothing.

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