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I Done Told You Stefan Was The Scariest Vampire In Town

Donovan Domicile: Sheriff Liz Forbes sits by as her daughter makes coffee and Kelly cries. Eventually, Caroline slips by a silent Jeremy and Tyler and into Matt's room. As she pours him coffee, she asks if there's anything she can do. Matt's too broken to worry about anyone else's feelings. He says he just needs to be alone right now. Caroline is hurt, but takes this rejection as best she can -- until Elena walks in. Matt's face crumbles when he sees her. Elena runs to him and takes him in her arms. Matt sobs. Elena joins him. Caroline -- always second best -- looks on.

The Grill: Alaric is drowning his sorrows when Damon joins him at the bar. "That was fun... Oh, don't look at me like that. I know you hate me. Guess what -- everyone hates me, but you can't deny we were bad-ass." Alaric swallows his drink, rises, and punches Damon right in the kisser -- then walks out. When Damon straightens up, he shrugs, says, "Happens," and takes a good long drink.

Gilbert Gables; The Germ and Elena return home. Elena tries to reach out to Jeremy, but he shuts her out, saying he's going to get some sleep. She sinks to the bottom step as he ascends the staircase.

Jeremy's Room: He opens his desk and removes a bunch of newspaper clippings about Vicki's "animal" attack and subsequent disappearance, and rips them up. It's then that Anna appears. "What are you doing?" Jeremy explains: "My friend, Vicki, she's dead." Anna knows this is the friend Jeremy thought was a vampire. "It turns out she's been dead all along." Anna's voice grows even softer than usual. "She's the reason you wanted to turn." Jeremy blinks, but doesn't answer. Anna adds: "You wanted to be with her." Jeremy turns his tear-streaked face away from Anna. When he turns back and apologizes, she's gone.

Mossy Manse: Damon follows the trail of blood bags until he finds the rainbow at the end -- Stefan, cracked out on human blood and unable to rein himself in. Stefan looks at his big brother, lost, scared, alone, confused. Damon cringes as he beholds that which he would have sworn he wanted almost as much as Katherine -- Stefan the Killer. DUN!

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