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I Done Told You Stefan Was The Scariest Vampire In Town

Grill: Germ has an answer. Anna should turn him because he feels okay, but there's something missing -- like a hole. "Some people they fit... in life, or whatever. I don't." Anna is not large with the pity turn, and explains the motivations that can induce a vampire to turn a human in this MYTHOLOGY MOMENT: A vamp needs someone to do dirty work; revenge; boredom; loving someone so much that you'd do anything to spend all eternity with them. She then tells him that he doesn't fit any of those categories... yet. Just then, Pearl walks in, causing Anna to change her tune. "So yeah, just make sure your thesis is clear and she'll love it. See you later." She sends Jeremy a text that reads: "Mom." To Pearl, Anna lies that she was talking to "a friend" from the library.

As Pearl suggests they leave, Mayor and Tyler Lockwood walk in. The mayor explains that the driving is too treacherous for her to leave. "Route 5 is completely flooded." The adults make flirtatious pleasantries -- leaving the kids feeling all out of sorts. When the ladies retreat to the proffered booth, Tyler snarls, "Be more creepy, Dad." Mayor Dad fronts, talking about elections, rich constituents and what not. Tyler remains unimpressed. "And you can tell all that by looking at her ass?" Pearl and Anna, of course, hear the whole conversation with their vampyric bionic ears. Tyler begs off to shoot some pool, and we cut to...

MFHS; Alaric's Classroom: Damon, Elena and Alaric go over Alaric's weapons cache, including tranq darts filled with Vervain. Damon intends to go in all alone, but when Elena starts inserting herself into the plan, Damon and Alaric ignore her. Damon tries to placate her by offering her the role of getaway car driver. Damon condescends about understanding that Stefan's love lifts her up where she belongs, but when she persists, Damon points out that having her in the mix will distract him from Stefan, and add more blood to the potential blood bath. Alaric gets it, and is fully on board. COMMERCIAL.

Route Five: Caroline calls Matt to tell him she's on some backwards path to Hell. Since their call is breaking up, he advises her to turn around and go back the way she came. Once they're off the phone, it's not too long before Caroline's car gets stuck in the mud, and despite her spiffy green slicker, Caroline cannot get a signal on her phone.

Pearl's Pilfered Pad: Alaric knocks on the door and asks to use phone, explaining that his car broke down a few miles up the road. Fred lets him in and directs him toward the kitchen. Once there, Alaric runs the water and the food processor, to mask any sounds that might tip off the vamps to his true mission. He then stakes Billy (or whatever sub-minion), and opens the back door to reveal Damon. Miss Gibbons, still under Fast Freddy's compulsion, continues to deny Damon admittance, so at Damon's bidding, Alaric nudges her outside and into Damon's clutches. After double checking that Miss Gibbons has no spouse, parents or children to inherit the rightful ownership (and inviter-ship) of her home, Damon snaps her neck. Alaric: "You're supposed to compel her." Damon: "It doesn't work that way." Alaric: "She's human." Damon: "And I'm not, so I don't care." He pulls Alaric outside. "Now get out of here, and get rid of the body."

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