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I Done Told You Stefan Was The Scariest Vampire In Town

Pearl's Pilfered Pad; Insane In The Basement: Suffering Stefan addresses Harper, who is staked to his chair. He thanks him for his attempt to help. Harper says the fang gang just needed somebody to blame and punish. Maybe there's more conversation. Maybe there's not. I'm just looking at Paul Wesley's impossibly chiseled abs -- wishing for an adverb more impossible than impossibly.

Just then Elena bursts in, and takes in the sight of the love of her young life, tied up and tortured. Damon's close on her heels and already making excuses to his brother. "She was supposed to stay in the car." When Damon tries to free him, Stefan warns that the ropes have been soaked in Vervain. Maybe it's not such a bad thing that the Vagina-American insisted on involving herself in the first place. Once his brother is free, Damon is ready to take off, but Stefan insists they free Harper, too. Elena frees Harper and then looks to Damon for the next move. He complies. "You rescue; I'll distract. Go!"

Upstairs, Fast Freddy orders that this sub-minions turn down the stereo. When one of their female members is staked, he grabs his own weapons and orders the subs to spread out.

Meanwhile, Elena drags a failing Stefan toward Damon's car. When they both fall, Elena finds she is bleeding from the wrist. Ignoring her own injury, she drags Stefan to his feet.

Damon attacks Fast Freddy. They struggle until a couple of the sub-minions appear and join in the fray. Eventually, Damon subdues them, though, and he beats the hell out of the last one standing until Alaric appears with his stake rifle and shoots the sub dead. Good, I totally hated that guy. Damon takes off, saying he's going after Fast Freddy.

Woods: Elena finally gets Stefan into Damon's car, but when she goes to turn the keys in the ignition, she realizes they've been broken off from the chain. It's then that Freddy appears and drags an ailing Stefan out of the car. As Freddy beats the hell out of Stefan and (non-fatally) stakes him, Elena stabs Freddy with a Vervain-laced dart. Once he's down, she drops to her lover's side and removes the stake. When Stefan is nearly unresponsive, she freaks. Commercial.

Back at Pearl's Pilfered Pad, Damon and Alaric rid the world of the newest fang gang. Once they're done, Damon notes that Fast Freddy is gone. "Let's get out of here." When they reach the front porch, they see a passel of vamps heading their way. Damon: "How many of those Vervain darts do you have left?" Alaric: "One." Damon: "Not going to be enough."

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