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As of typing up this weecap, here are the results to last week's Question of the Moment, Name Damon's late, great raven (crow, whatever):

1. 25% Draven (if this wins, you'll all be mocked soundly)
2. 23% Poe
3. 19% Nevermore
4. 16% Lenore
5. 15% Yorick
6. 6% Cramon (ditto)

What is up with you people and the portmanteaux/name-mashing? Look, it was mildly funny when it was "Spuffy" and "Bangel." Mildly, and only for one television season. It lost all freaking credibility with "Jate" and "Skate." It became utterly mockable with "LoVe." Don't even get me started on "Jam," and I refuse to acknowledge the "Chlois" psychopaths. Once TV journalists (and I don't mean me or my fellow TWoP inmates) started using these terms, you all should have felt embarrassed and contrite, or at least thought, "Well gee, it's no longer an in-joke. We have our hippo dignity. Moving right along..." But no, you keep on smushing names together and you can't get enough. It's like heroin, only more of a scourge on society. Do you call your parents Dom and Mad? Hear me now or hear me later. As far as these recaps are concerned, the late great crow's name is so not Draven and it never will be. It's Poe. I was secretly cheering on Yorick, because then I could have done the "Alas poor..." thing, but no, you just had to pick Draven. (Frak. Draven's pretty good. I hate you all and what you've done to me. Dammit. Er... Frak.)

There's no new episode this week, but be sure to tune in next Thursday, October 29, 2009 -- same bat time, same bat channel, for episode 1-7, "Haunted." It's Halloween, and while Damon is tempting Vicki to give into her new nature, Stefan is trying to teach her self-control; Elena's trying to get Germ to steer clear of Vicki, and Caroline wants to party, because she's Caroline. In the meanwhile, come on over to the forums and talk about the show.

Cindy McLennan is reminding herself she really doesn't like 'Draven' no matter what she said earlier. Send her some shame or sanity at CynthiaMcLennan[at], or twit it to her.

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