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Theme Song! [Side note: Whenever I use that song, it's dedicated to my late, great friend, Billy Lowell.]

Mossy Manse; Present; Evening: Stefan throws open the door to find Elena on his stoop. She demands to know what Stefan is. He tells her she already knows, and then helps her through her denial. "Everything you know and every belief that you have is about to change. Are you ready for that? [...] I'm a vampire." Crickets. Elena says she shouldn't have come. Stefan tries to get her to listen, but she starts to run toward her car, so he Stealth Salvatores her. She screams for him to let her go, jumps in her car and speeds off.

Gilbert Gables: Inside, Elena tries to get a grip. She seeks out Jeremy, but he's sequestered in his room, wearing his headphones to drown out the world and his latest Vicki-induced heartache. Elena retreats to her bedroom, but does she close the (screenless!) window like any sane woman who's just found out her latest beau is but a blood-sucking boyfiend? No. She takes off her jacket, and lo! and behold, who should appear, but said blood-sucking boyfiend?! She tries to run out of her room, but he stops her and then assures her she's safe with him. Yeah, fellas, 'cause girls love being held against their will. Nothing makes us feel more secure, I tell you what. She asks about all the animal attacks. He tells her that it was Damon, and that he (Stefan) doesn't feed off humans. He'll explain it to her, if only she'll give him the chance. But he begs her not to tell anyone, because just knowing the truth is dangerous. "You can hate me, but I need you to trust me." Elena's breath comes short and fast. Her eyes fill with tears. "Just go. Just go, please go. If you mean me no harm, then you'll go." Stefan says, "I never wanted this," as he retreats. She opens her bedroom door, and when she turns back toward him, he's gone. She charges across her room, and shuts and locks her window. Granted, that won't actually keep a vampire out, but still, I'm glad to see it.

Cemetery: Damon gets his feedbag on, moving from one victim to the next. He drags their bodies to the campfire and pours booze all over them -- like Bananas Foster. Frisking one, he grabs a cell phone and calls Stefan. "I want my ring." Stefan asks where he is. Damon looks around him and says, "I'm at the Sizzler. I had the buffet." Hee. He again demands his ring, but Stefan wants to know where he is and what he's done. Damon says that since Stefan is the one who tried to starve him to undeath, the blood of his victims is on his head, and then again demands his ring. Stefan scolds him for being too obvious with his kills. Damon says he covered his tracks (burnt them, really) and, oh did he mention? He'd like his ring back. Stefan is quicker on his feet than you might expect and says he gave the ring to Zach to hide. "You probably shouldn't have killed him." So, that's confirmation for like the three people who weren't sure if Zach was still alive after having his necked snapped. Damon falls for this for a second, and then says, "Ahhhh, you almost got me. Where is it?" Stefan says he needs time. Damon says, "What, did you FedEx it to Rome?" He then threatens Elena for good measure. Stefan says, "I already want you dead. Don't give me another reason to make it happen." Damon tells him not to give him another reason to rip him apart. And then, since Damon can only say, "I want my ring," so many times, before he ends up annoying even himself, he hangs up on Stefan and gets about to stoking his fire. Sizzler. Ha. (Sorry.) He grabs the bottle of booze and walks away a piece, to Vicki's corpse. Oh, wait, she's not dead. Damon's surprised too. He crouches over her and says, "You just don't want to die, do you?" Vicki coughs (and possibly coughs, "No"). As he tilts his head and considers her fate, we jump to...

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