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Cemetery: As She's-the-Sheriff examines the remains of the Bananas Foster Gang, Scum covers his mouth with a hankie. Do men still carry handkerchiefs? My dad always had one. Scum whines about the smell, as poor Sheriff Forbes posits that a vampire tried to cover its tracks. They'll have to check dental records to ID the victims. In the meantime, Scum should run a story about a drug deal gone bad. The Sheriff says, "It's not too big of a stretch." Right after Scum informs her he has the Gilbert watch, a deputy comes up to show Sheriff Forbes what he found about ten yards away. It's Vicki's wallet. The Sheriff is visually upset. "I went to high school with her mother." She hopes Vicki isn't among the sizzled.

Mossy Manse: Damon leaves a "Where's my ring, bitch," voice mail on Stefan's phone and chastises a nearly comatose Vicki for bleeding on the couch. He then checks out her neck. "I got you gooood, didn't I?" She moans in her sleep, so he adds, "You're not going to be any fun today." After a moment's thought, he adds, "I'm so going to regret this," then bites into his own wrist and holds it up to her mouth. She tries to resist drinking his blood, but he persists and in her mostly unconscious state, she can't refuse. Watch Damon. Even in all his eye-rolling exasperation, there's something softhearted about him, here. I think it's the way he leans his chin on Vicki's head. Anyhow, we cut to...

Ruins of the Original Salvatore Mansion: Stefan explains that this is where his home once stood, a half century before "the boarding house" (aka Mossy Manse) was even built. After a few, it finally clicks with Elena that Stefan is a lot older than she ever suspected. He tells her, "I've been 17 years old since 1864," and this brings us to the first reason this episode didn't get an A+ from me. Look, I understand the characters were teenagers in the book, and Paul Wesley is hardly a crotchety old man, but he's 27, and in no way does he look 17. If, in the future, the writers decide to make Stefan cop to being 20, 22 or older when he was sired, and retcon it so that he was lying to Elena in this confession, I've got their backs -- because? No. Just no. Anyhow, Stefan explains that he and Damon were both born at the original place and were the best of friends. Like Ernie and Bert. We then flash back to...

Salvatore Mansion; 1864: Damon has a football, and tells Stefan he picked it up at camp, from one of the officers who picked it up at Harvard. As they toss the pigskin around, Stefan tries to avoid his brother and demands to know the rules. Katherine appears on the veranda. "Who needs rules?" When she asks to join in, Stefan tries to discourage her, noting that she might get hurt, because Damon plays rough. Coquettishly, she reckons Stefan plays even rougher, then steals the ball and runs from him. The brothers watch her go for a moment, and then Damon points out that she's a woman who likes to be chased. "If you don't do it, I will." He's off like a shot, with Stefan in hot pursuit. We flash forward to...

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