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It's a busy weekend, and I had a trying time watching this episode (see recaplet for details) so I'm getting right to it. You ready? Okay. Katherine tells Caroline that if Damon and Stefan don't give her the moonstone tonight, at the Masquerade Ball, she will rip apart Mystic Falls until it rains blood. Katherine, "It's Raining Men" is a classic. Why deviate from the norm? Matt helps Elena and Jeremy bring Jenna (who thinks she walked into a knife) home from the hospital, and the subtlest of sparks fly between Matt and Elena. Katherine enlists the help of African-American witch Lucy, who is indebted to her, because... um... black witches are the new black. Seriously, Show? In an attempt to thwart Katherine's moonstone-grabby plans, Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Alaric, Jeremy, Bonnie and her grimoire form a sort of New Scooby-Doo Revue (NSDR), and leave Elena totally in the dark. The NSDR sends Alaric to Gilbert Gables to watch Jenna and Elena, while they flit off to the ball

At said ball, Katherine shores up her compulsion of Matt. He'll beat down Tyler until Tyler kills him. Later, KaKa dances with Stefan as she bargains for the moonstone. Once he leaves his thrall-mistress, Matt works hard at getting himself, Tyler, Aimee Bradley and Sarah drunk.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy make their way to an upper room, bust out the grimoire and set about casting a sealing spell. Bonnie confesses to Jeremy that she hasn't done too much magical research, because she doesn't want to know about any spells which accomplish other than good. She's only helping because she doesn't want anyone else getting hurt, and doesn't know how to stay out of it.

Meanwhile, at Gilbert Gables, Elena twigs to the fact that it's weird all of her friends are going to the Masquerade Ball without her, haven't contacted her all day, and have even managed to drag the anti-social Germ along. Alaric tries to play dumb but it neither suits him nor fools Elena. Over at the ball, Bonnie senses Lucy's presence and confronts her, but the witch plays herself off as a mere innocent Plus-1 at a swanky party. Back at Gilbert Gables, Elena sneaks out of the house.

At the ball, Katherine strong-arms Stefan into dancing with her. When he labors under the false impression that he's this week's Dungeon Master, Katherine sets him straight by killing poor, enthralled, slutting-it-up Aimee, right on the dance floor. No, I don't know how nobody saw that (or Stefan dragging her lifeless corpse off the dance floor), either.

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