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Meanwhile, Matt, Tyler and Sarah are back in the late Mayor Lockwood's study, wondering where Aimee is. Matt amps up his antagonism of Tyler by pouring booze all over the room, and then over a Lockwood family portrait. When that doesn't achieve his desired/compelled results, Matt mocks the late, great Mayor, and gets rough with Ty. There's tackling, punching and all manner of fisticuffs. Fortunately, for our Pudding Pop, there's also noise -- noise that Caroline overhears. When she can't get Matt to back off of Ty, she knocks him out cold with a totally bad-ass blow to the head. It's then that we learn that Katherine has also compelled Sarah to provoke Tyler, in case Matt fails. Despite Caroline's warning shout, Sarah stabs Tyler with a letter opener. When he throws her off in self-defense, Sarah falls, hits her head on the late Mayor's desk, and breaks her slender neck -- for reals, this time. When Tyler's efforts to rouse her prove futile, he flashes wolf eyes at Caroline, and I marvel at how -- in just a year's time -- I've gone from hating Little Lockwood to kind of loving him.

Upstairs, Stefan figures out that back in 1864, Katherine gave the moonstone to George Lockwood, in exchange for her freedom, which Damon and Stefan then promptly bolloxed up. Stefan can't figure out why Katherine had it, but reckons it wasn't hers to begin with. He decides that long ago and far away, KaKa faked her death because she was on the run. Katherine gives him no answers. Instead, she lets him know she has stalked him over the years, including 1987, when he went to a Bon Jovi concert, with the late, great Lexi. Stefan doesn't let that distract him. He demands to know what Katherine has been running from, but she just mouths "I love you," at him.

Downstairs, Bonnie finds Lucy, and tries to stare her down, but once they touch, Bonnie realizes she can trust Lucy and gives her the moonstone. WHAT?! I hope you're right, B.

Back upstairs, Damon shoves Katherine against the wall and readies himself to stake her as soon as the linkage spell has been lifted from Elena. Speaking of... it's then that Lucy arrives -- moonstone in hand. She informs Katherine that the room-sealage spell has been lifted. Once she gets Katherine's confirmation that their score is settled, Lucy hands KaKa the moonstone. But wait! It must be transmitting some bad juju, because when Katherine touches it, she gasps for breath and falls to the floor -- moaning and groaning. Lucy scolds Katherine for not warning her that another witch -- particularly a Bennett witch -- is involved in the intrigue, but Katherine's not up for explanations. As he watches Katherine suffer, dawn breaks over Stefan's marble head, so he yells, "Wait. Elena!" but Lucy informs him that Elena's fine. The Katherine/Elena linkage has been broken, and she'll heal quickly with Bonnie by her side. As Lucy apologizes to the boys for her involvement, Katherine loses consciousness and the fans go wild.

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