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In the study, Caroline lies to Carol Lockwood that Sarah was drunk and just tripped and ended up all dead. Carol seems to believe her, but when Ty informs the ladies that Sheriff Forbes is there, Carol leaves Caroline with a warning to wait for her mother. "She's going to want to hear this story from you." Once Tyler is alone with Caroline, he asks why she lied. Caroline, who has already stashed an unconscious Matt away in her car, is playing the sweeper in this episode, and pretty much admits it, but when she hints that she's aware of Tyler's lycanthropy, he sneers -- clearly thinking she has no idea what's what. Caroline proves herself by half asking/half pointing out that his stab wound has healed. Ty's all, "How did you..." as we cut to the mansion's exterior.

Bonnie chases after a departing Lucy. She wants to know more, like why she instantly trusted this stranger. Lucy explains that she's a distant relative. "My mother is Joanna, first cousin twice-removed from Pauline, niece of Sheila." Scott says, "They're more closely related to Noah than each other." He's not wrong, but whatevs. Seeing Bonnie was a wake up call for Lucy; she's swearing off vampire entanglements. Bonnie wants to know how to stay out of the middle of them, too. Lucy tells her she can't. "Unlike me, you're one of the good ones, Bonnie. The middle of it is exactly where you need to be." Right after Lucy promises Bonnie they'll meet again, she walks off, but Jeremy soon approaches. When he offers Bonnie a ride home, she boggles at the fact that he's old enough to drive. Jeremy's expression, while exasperated, remains charming. "I'm not a kid anymore, Bonnie." He ain't, girl. Look at that, there. Oh, hey, she's listening to me. Bonnie: "I'd... love a ride home." And by "ride home" I think she means, well, you know what I think she means. All right, she probably doesn't mean it yet, but she is so going to mean it.

Meanwhile, Elena, who just moments ago was bleeding out, is now standing by her lonesome -- along the side of Lockwood Lake. Stefan finds her and tells her that Katherine is gone. No way is that bitch dead so soon, and certainly not before the end of November Sweeps. What kind of rubes do you take us for, Stefan? He's not listening. He's all intent on reuniting with Elena, Elena, Elena -- but guess what? Elena is so not ready to get back with him. "I want to be with you, Stefan, you know that. But first? I need to wake up and know that the people I love are safe. I need to feel safe. Do you understand?" Stefan nods quietly. Elena sighs and limps off, leaving him as alone as she is.

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