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Okay. If the preceding paragraph explains why the episode didn't get an A+, then this paragraph is all about why it did get an A. The action was non-stop. Nina Dobrev continues to wow me with her dual roles. And best of all, for me, the girls aren't damsels in distress. Sure, Bonnie and her distant cousin are nearly Mystical Negroes, but with the Jeremy-chemistry in the offing, I'm choosing to hold off on levying that judgment. One thing that's brassing me off is... well, it's the fandom. I can't count how many times I've read criticism of Elena sneaking out of the house and heading for the ball. Allow me to point out that had Elena not done so, she'd have died at home, thanks to the linkage spell. In other girl power news, how awesome was Caroline's glee at having bested Katherine? And for that matter, how fierce was Bonnie when she confronted Lucy, long before she knew they were related? Call Mystic Falls anything you want -- anything but a feminist ghetto. The ladies save the day more often than not, and -- given the CW's target demographic -- that's a good thing. Thank you, writers!

I have some other thanks to dole out, too. Here's a big thanks to Hamnoo, Nerg, Morrigan1575, Noir Mayhem, efh, cheese2000 and Belley from the TWoP boards, and to ponygirl76, Lizatlax and approximofnice on Twitter. If you tuned in Friday morning, you know my cable company lost its CW feed for the first third of the episode. The lovely and talented people listed above gave me great summaries and other help, in case I wasn't able to see the episode before the recaplet deadline. As it turns out, I did get to see it, but it warmed my cold, brittle heart that so many busy people with full lives were willing to lend a hand in a time of need. You all rock. Wait, you do more than that. You boulder. You fricking planet. I love you, m'kay?

I'll be here Friday morning with my review of the upcoming "Rose." Until then, please join us on the boards where we're trying to figure out why the heck the NSDR sealed the moonstone in the tomb with Katherine. Got an idea? Some love? Some hate? E-mail me at CynthiaMcLennan[at], or follow me on Twitter, and let me know what you think.

See why we love the show, then join our vloggers in debating whether Diaries beats True Blood, below.

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