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Okay, so I've had a lot of problems with "Memorial." And yes -- all of those problems stem from the vomit. Other than that, I loved nearly everything about this episode. I loved everything about the episode, except having to watch (and watch and watch) it, so heaven knows where this recap is going. It's hard to type when you're using your hands to shield your eyes. This is our fourth season together though, my dearest fang gang, so you're ready for that, right? Good.

The opening montage is about the same as last week's, but it now includes a few clips from the season premiere. At the end of the voice-over narration, Stefan says that Elena is "one of us" now, and he'll do anything to help her survive, which is a little goofy, considering she's now pretty much immortal, provided she wears her new ring, and avoids getting staked, decapitated or burnt alive. Oh wait, this is Elena we're talking about, so maybe I owe Voice-Over Stefan an apology because while our little show that could certainly can make Elena fierce on occasion, it also loves making her into a damsel.

Stefan and Elena wake in a sun soaked woods. She sighs and says, "Hi." Stefan returns the favor. We cut to the interior of Mossy Manse. Stefan seems to be packing for camping trip? I don't know. I find this confusing. I guess we're privy to his memories here. As a viewer, I love these scenes that cut from the past to the present and back. As a recapper, I find them a ginormous pain in my arse. Anyhow. He's arguing with Damon. Stefan wants to make their girlfriend into some platonic vampiric ideal. Damon just wants to rip off the bandage and see what happens when Elena feeds, because sooner or later, all baby vamps go overboard and kill their human prey.

I love Elena. I am extremely invested in her story. Were Tubey to shut down TWoP tomorrow, I'd keep watching The Vampire Diaries and I'd probably keep babbling about it on the internet, too, and I'd do so because of Elena Gilbert. She's not the only character I love, but love her I do. I mention all that, because I must confess that I do hope she kills someone -- an innocent someone -- specifically because of her bloodlust. Maybe that's weird, but she's a vampire now. And that's what I want her to be -- a vampire. I do not want her to be Saint Vampire, though. This writing team has managed to keep Caroline and Tyler sympathetic, even though they've killed. Heck, they've managed to keep Stefan and Damon sympathetic, and they're actual serial killers. I'm pretty sure they can create a situation in which Elena does a wrong and very bad thing, and it won't ruin her forever. I just hope they do. Go there, Team Plec. Go there. Um, just don't let her kill Matt, m'kay? Oh crap. I should have just kept my feelings to myself.

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