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Elena says she didn't want to hurt Stefan. She cries that she's sorry and then gets frustrated that she's crying Stefan reminds her about heightened emotions, but Elena says she feels like she's been crying since the day her parents died. I suspect this is a little fan service, to those people who are tiring of Elena. "My life is like a never-ending funeral. We keep burying people, Stefan. You want to know what's heightened? It's grief. I can't stop feeling everyone's grief. All the hurt -- I feel like it's trying to explode out of me." For a minute, I fear she's preparing to puke yet again, but I'm happy to report she is not. Stefan tries to comfort her. He tells her to come with him. There's something they need to do.

The Fellowship of the Falls (sans Tyler) gathers outside the school. It's nighttime. Damon wonders why they've been summoned. Bonnie tells him to ask Stefan. Stefan explains that they're finishing the memorial. "We need to start healing, Damon. We've all lost so much, especially recently. I think we're numb to it. We push it away or make a joke out of it. We ignore how we feel." He hands out lanterns to his fellow mourners. "It's time to let ourselves grieve."

Damon pshaws about lighting the lanterns. He says what they should do is find out about the hunter and what he knows about the death of the Council. Stefan insists tonight, this is exactly what they need to do right now. He lights his lantern and dedicates it to "Uncle Zac" and to Lexi and Alaric. Matt lights his in honor of his sister, Vicki. Caroline lights hers in honor of her dad and Tyler's. Jeremy takes his turn. "This is for our parents. For Vicki. Anna. Jenna. And Alaric."

When Germ holds out the lighter to Damon, Damon says there's no way he's doing this, and takes off. Bonnie lights it up for Grams. Finally, it's Elena's turn. "This is for my mom, my dad, and Jenna -- everyone that we've all lost. Everyone that this town has lost. And for me... I guess." Thank goodness someone is FINALLY mourning Elena's humanity. Too bad she had to be the person to do it. On second thought, I'm glad it's her. My friend Elizabeth feels a little sorry for Uncle John and Isobel, but I remind her that they are actually Elena's mom and dad, so they're covered. As Elena's lantern floats toward the heaven, the rest of the gang releases their lanterns, too. It's a beautiful visual. We cut to the...

Cemetery. Damon's sitting alone, with a bottle of booze, ranting about the kids' makeshift memorial service. "The Japanese lantern is a symbol of letting go of the past. Well, here's a newsflash. We're not Japanese." He takes a swig of booze and berates the gang for being what they mostly are -- children.

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