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Anyhow, Carol invites April up to the lectern, but April's too busy bleeding out in the balcony to respond, so Carol asks if anyone else wants to share a memory about Pastor Cliche. Connor is up in the balcony and trains his weapon's sights on the congregation. When no one answers Carol, Elena realizes how awkward this is getting so she stands and volunteers to speak. As she heads to the front, Damon comes in, dips his hand in holy water -- wait -- do Lutherans do holy water? -- because if not, I can reactivate my ranting powers in the blink of an eye. Oh, Google indicates they do. Double darn it. I've been so ready to rant about why this isn't a Catholic Church that I just feel all deflated now. Yes, I've just admitted that the show's failure to screw up has detracted from my enjoyment. Yes, I realize that says ugly things about me. Let's move on. The best part of this scene is Damon, anyhow. He dips his fingers in the holy water font makes the sign of the Cross as he heads toward a pew. "I don't know why that always makes me smile." Heh.

While Stefan and Damon whisper-bicker about Elena, our girl is up front, struggling as she delivers the impromptu eulogy. She's having a hard time, not only because she's transitioning, and not only because impromptu eulogies are difficult in and of themselves, but also because she can smell April's blood. Our whole Fellowship of the Falls can. Connor continues to take aim. April's blood drips down from the ceiling. Damon warns Stefan not to turn around, because he knows this is a trap. Commercial.

When Elena sees the blood, her game face starts to emerge. Stefan retrieves her from the podium. The minister or priest asks the congregation to rise and open their hymnals. The choir sings. Back in the pew between Stefan and Matt, Elena confesses she can't deal with the smell of the blood. Stefan tries to help her to focus and control her bloodlust, but she's starving, so she can't. It's then that my Pudding Pop Matt offers his throat to Elena. He holds her as if he's comforting her, and finally, Elena gets fresh blood, warm from the vein. Connor watches the scene, but he can't see anything incriminating. In the recaplet, I already raved about how much I love that Elena feeds on a willing Matt, so I won't repeat myself, but I regularly take the writers to the woodshed, so it's only fair that here, I rise and given them a standing ovation. There is nothing wrong and everything right with this choice. Thank you, Show.

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