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The One I Watch Through My Fingers

Elena knows it must be April who's bleeding, and insists they have to help her. Stefan says it's too risky, since they're being watched, but Our Lady of Compassion doesn't care. And then the silliest thing happens. Tyler goes to the front of the church, and starts talking, even though the choir is still singing. Come on. I've already taken off my ranty pants, but really? He starts to talk about Pastor Young but doesn't get to talk too long, because Connor shoots him, again. I suppose I should mention that Ty's words focus on team, community and self-sacrifice, so there. Now I have. Anyhow, when Connor shoots him (with a stake), the congregation panics, and we go to commercial.

After the break, Carol, Elena, Stefan and Caroline rush to the fallen Tyler. Caroline pulls the stake out of Tyler's chest. Carol insists upon calling an ambulance because the whole town just watched her son get shot, and we must keep up appearances. That wasn't snark. Stefan tells Tyler he's got to go help Damon find and kill Connor. Elena's still worried about April, so she takes off to find the girl.

Outside, Connor throws his weapons bag into the back of his pickup, but before he can take off, Damon finds him and rips the door right off the truck. Connor unloads a bunch of wooden bullets into Damon, but before he can stake him, Stefan appears and calls out to his brother. Realizing he's outnumbered, Connor hops in the truck and takes off. When Stefan gets to his brother, and realizes he's more or less okay, offers him a hand, but then punches Damon in the face. Damon: "What was that for?" Stefan: "You know what." Ha. The younger brother walks off, leaving Damon groaning and me giggling, which is so much more fun than gagging.

Elena finds April bound, gagged (but not in a pukey way) and bleeding. Her blood is too tempting for our baby vamp. She puts on her game face and moves in for the kill, but is saved from herself by Caroline. Is she ever not awesome? She appeals to Elena's humanity, and Elena is able to revert to her human visage. Once Elena is relatively calm, Caroline opens her wrist and feeds April, to heal her. When April comes to, she begs Caroline not to hurt her. Caroline assures the girl she won't and then tells Elena to compel April to forget all the horror she's just endured. Elena is reticent at first, but Caroline insists that Elena has to learn how to do this and the only way to learn is by doing. "You just need to believe what you're telling her." Elena kneels by April's side and tells the girl, "Everything is going to be okay. You're going to get through this, just like I got through it. I'm going to help you. I promise." When April says she's going to be okay, Elena smiles and looks up at Caroline, who smiles in approval. Elena continues with some more compulsion details about the service being beautiful, and how people said nice things.

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