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No Secrets, Only Dirty Shame

Grill; Exterior: Damon meets Katherine outside. She asks if he's jealous because she spent the day with Stefan. Damon: "I don't do jealous. Not with you. Not anymore." He's glum because he tried to kill a werewolf and failed. "Now I feel like I'm not living up to my best self." Hee. Katherine warns him not to try to be a hero, Damon. "You'll end up dead." Damon says, "Been there. Done that. At least this time it will be worth it."

Gilbert Gables: Stefan appears in Elena's room and they discuss their big break-up fake-out. They agree that the fight felt too real, but gloss over that and decide Caroline fell for it and will give Katherine a play-by-play. Elena asks if Stefan will tell Damon it wasn't real. He won't. "The only way Katherine will believe it is if everyone does." Oh no, I smell badness. Whatever -- Elena can't believe Katherine is going through all this just to get Stefan back. He insists, "That's not why she's here, okay? No matter what she says, I know her." Stefan claims Katherine doesn't care about anyone but herself. She never has. She's incapable of love. She's here for another reason." ...Or not.

Mystic Falls, Exterior; Night: Katherine wanders the town and thinks of days gone by. She flashes back to the night she was captured and Stefan and Damon tried to free her and failed because they were shot and left dead on the road. Here, I count her memory/narration as reliable, because she has no one to trick.1864-Katherine meets up with George, gives him the moonstone as her part of the deal, and he tries to hustle her off into the night. They start toward his carriage, but then Katherine runs back to the pretty Brothers Salvatore, lying dead on the road. Completely ignoring poor Damon, she pets his brother's face and says, "I love you, Stefan. We will be together again. I promise." Back in the present, Modern-Katherine touches her lips and smiles. It may be my dirty shame, but I liked her better when I thought she wanted both Salvatores.

So, do you see what I mean? So much (as always) happened (we're so spoiled). The story is layered and intriguing. It's just that this week, things weren't up to snuff. There were stupid details that shouldn't have gotten by people, from chyrons to cobblers to Contrivance Cookouts. This show is better than that and deserves more TLC. That said, I can't wait for next week and am sure it will be better executed. Still, this week, the acting was great (go Dobrev, you machine), but the execution (outside of the acting, I mean) -- when it wasn't condescending -- was straight-up sloppy. Show, I expect better of you because you consistently give me better. Straighten up and fly right, now. All right?

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