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No Secrets, Only Dirty Shame

Mossy Manse: Katherine insists she never compelled Stefan to love her. She simply compelled him to remove his fear, once he learned she was a vampire. Potato potahto Katherine, since I'm thinking his whole "angel" impression might have evaporated had you let him process his reaction -- free from your thrall. Stefan doesn't bother to explain. He simply says it doesn't matter how he might have once felt. His feelings have since turned to hate. Katherine, whom you'll recall is big on "I hate you" as prelude to a love story, says that there's a fine line between the two feelings, and she can wait. She then segues back into her walk down retcon road, explaining that George Lockwood was both intent on using vampires to cover his wolfy tracks, and willing to strike a deal to rid the town of vampires.

Via flashback, George tells Katherine (in a stunning rich, red gown that doesn't fit with her role as a mourning daughter) that the vampire roundup will start that night, before they set the church ablaze. Katherine tells him to insist on a body count and that they should record 27 vampires. George tells Katherine she can access her escape route under the choir loft. He'll be waiting at the exit to set her free. Katherine warns him to make sure he's not followed. "I need everyone to believe that I perished in that fire." Back in the present present, Stefan is gobsmacked that she knew the founders were going to burn the vampires in the church. Katherine says, "I practically lit the match." When Stefan accuses her of selling them out, Katherine replies, "Without blinking."

Gilbert Gables; Contrivance Cookout; Interior: Damon brings the cobbler pie to the table, complete with silver knife or server, and pointedly asks Mason to do the honors. Mason pauses, turns the pie, and picks up a piece with his paw, rather than using the silver flatware. When he notices Alaric watching him, he says, "I apologize. I'm an animal." Alaric knows he needs to dial down the tension so he asks if Mason and Jenna ever dated. They never did. Per Mason, she was always lost in Logan Fell land -- a dirty shame indeed. Per Jenna, that was her first mistake. She does add, though, that Mason always had girls lined up around the block. Damon cracks that he had pegged Mason as a lone wolf. Do ya geddit? Mason does. He snarks back: "Oh, I'm sure I wasn't half the ladykiller you were." Oh, good job. I love him even more than I thought possible. I'm sorry, Damon. My love flows freely, but fickly. Brick House proposes a toast to new friends and we cut to the girls.

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