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No Secrets, Only Dirty Shame

Living room: Elena wants to go find Stefan. Caroline tries to talk her out of it by lobbing a clingy-girlfriend bomb. When she can't deter Elena, Caroline offers to drive. Once outside, she lets air out of her right rear tire. Oh, Care Bear.

Mossy Manse: Stefan wants to know what George got in return for helping Katherine fake her death and gain her freedom. Katherine hand-waves it away, saying everyone has a past. In a flashback, we see Katherine feeding on Stefan's vervain-poisoned blood. Flash to Damon and Stefan later freeing her from the paddy wagon. She voices over that she didn't want to be saved and blames it all on Damon. In the present, Stefan asks, "So Damon and I died for nothing? Nothing!" Katherine says he's wrong. "No, Stefan, you died for love." Eh... not so much.

Gilbert Gables: Mason's ready to commit mutiny, since Jenna just broke out Guitar Hero. Obstinate Damon says he likes it, "So you, my friend, are barking up the wrong tree." Mason tells him to stop the games. "C'mon man, you don't think I know what this barbecue is all about?" Damon wants to know how Mason knows about him, but Mason says it doesn't matter. Damon begs to differ. "You tried to kill my brother." Aww. After Damon makes an obedience school crack, Mason adds, "Let's not spark some age-old feud that doesn't apply to us. [...] Let's be above this." Damon shakes his hand, but once Brick House struts out of the kitchen, Damon pockets a long, silver knife.

CAROLINE'S FORD FIESTA AWKWARD PRODUCT PLACEMENT: Elena calls Caroline "snippy" when she lays it on thick about the long odds for a human/vamp love. Not long after, Elena understandably turns up the volume on the radio and says she likes the song that's play. Since the product placement is not yet over, Caroline pushes a button on the turn-signal switch and asks her FORD FIESTA: "What's playing?" The FORD FIESTA says, "'We Radiate' by Goldfrapp." Not long after, Caroline's tire goes flat, possibly under the undo weight of the FORD FIESTA PRODUCT PLACEMENT.

Gilbert Gables: Mason can't get anyone to go out for drinks, but he leaves with a smile and a promise to catch an upcoming game with Alaric. Damon heads out right after him, with a promise not to catch the game. Before he leaves, he kisses Jenna's hand. "You are a wonderful hostess." Jenna, warming, says, "And you are a terrible artist." Damon wonders, "Is that the only thing that makes me terrible?" Jenna says she's deciding. Hee.

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