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Damon And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Bonnie's back in town. Stefan spirals down. Elena wears a blue gown. And her "near touch" with Damon is the hottest thing around.

The kids have been home on school vacation and it was my youngest son's birthday -- the celebration of which included having other little boys sleepover. My point? I'm running a sleep deficit, so you're getting the quick and dirty. Speaking of... I would have said that's what Damon was like in... intimate settings, but if that old saw about watching a man on the dance floor has any truth to it, then I stand corrected. I'm also getting too far ahead so let's start at the beginning. You ready? Okay!

MFHS; Exterior: A smiling Stefan Salvatore cruises into the Mystic Falls High School parking lot, in his Matt-repaired sports car. Think Edward Cullen on mood elevators. Elena is pleasantly surprised to see he's back. They kiss, and Elena points out that they'd better hurry into school. Stefan sends her ahead, so he can open the trunk of his car and get out his book bag, which is cushioned by several thousand (or at least 20) bags of blood! Oh beauty school dropout, I knew no one could be that happy about going back to high school. Addicts, here's a tip: if you don't want your classmates to see the stash in your trunk, keep your book bag in the front seat.

Theme Song(s)!

Mystic Falls Founders Hall: Sheriff Liz Forbes tells Damon that there's been a theft from the hospital blood bank. The guard was questioned, but he can't remember anything. In the future, they'll give the guards Vervain. For the present, Uncle John "Snark" Gilbert offers his services and Damon's (who is as thrilled as a tax cheat at an audit) to the Sheriff. They'll track down these blood-burglars by golly. Snark: "I think we'll make a good team. Don't you, Damon?" Damon: "John, whatever I can do to help keep the town safe -- even if it means spending time with you." Hee. After her "Jackass" comment last week, I'm miffed that we don't get to see Liz smothering a smirk.

The More You Know: Dr. Grayson Gilbert's name is Johnathan (sic, sic, I say sic) but they're calling him John. Don't get me started. Jonathan is not the long form of John; it's the long form of Nathan. If that's your name, or the name you've chosen for your son, or TV character, it's your right, none of my business, perfectly lovely, etc. I just want you to know the score. And now you do. The More You Know.

MFHS; Alaric's History Class: Since Mystic Falls is approaching Founders' Day (yeah, I know), Alaric has been instructed to set aside his lessons on WWII to teach his students about their high holy day, but that's not really the point of this scene. The point is that Bonnie's back, but although Stefan and Elena are thrilled to see her again, she barely looks at them. I love the friendship between the girls on this show, and yet? I'm so excited. I've been waiting for this since Grams died.

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