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Damon And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
stifiable, in some senses) jealousy of Elena, that was a lovely, mature, generous thing to do. Before, I was hoping she'd lose because I am a sucker for the DRAMA, but now, I hope Caroline wins. Besides, she deserves it. Just then, her name is called. She descends the stairs in her lovely green satin gown to meet her escort, Jeffrey Lockwood-Hamilton. Mulva tells Elena she's next.

Downstairs, it seems Jeremy has told Anna about reading Elena's journal after all. Part of him is angry that Elena covered up Vicki's death and had his memory erased, but in a nice parallel to Bonnie's wish for the pretty lie, he's sort of glad big sister did what she did. "I don't want to remember Vicki like that." Anna cringes. "As a monster?" Germ: "No. As someone who wanted to hurt me." Anna confesses that while Jeremy was just a pawn in her strategy to get her mother back at first, things changed. She'd never do anything to hurt him, now. Jeremy says he knows that. Off to the side, Uncle Snark watches and maybe eavesdrops.

Parking Lot: Stefan drags Anxiety Amber out to his car and goes into a completely manic breakdown over the fact that Elena "knows." Clearly compelled, Anxiety Amber sounds like the Buffy-bot as she notes he seems sad. Stefan laughs and rubs his eye. "I'm not sad. I'M FREAKING HUNGRY!"

Inside, Mayor Lockwood introduces the next member of the Court. "Miss Elena Gilbert, escorted by Mr. Stefan Salvatore." Yeah, not so much. As she rounds the curve in the staircase, Elena finds not Stefan, but some nameless boy who looks at her all Um... Panic flashes across Elena's face, but she takes a deep breath and continues her descent. It's then that Damon realizes her predicament and steps into his brother's shoes, or at least his place. He gives her a grim smile and as she asks where Stefan is, Damon says he doesn't know. They go outside, where Jenna whispers to Alaric, "What is she doing with Damon?" Alaric: "I don't know?" Pssst, guys. They're really hot, so shut up.

Outside; Dance Floor: The dance begins. The young ladies and gentleman honor their partners and Elena asks Damon what they're going to do. He tells her right now, they've just got to get through this. "This" appears to be proving Stefan oh so very WRONG about the effect of the near touch. My word, I don't know if I can recap this scene without swooning. People have been complaining about the use of Within Temptation's "All I Need" during this scene. Judge for yourself. In theory, I suppose they're right. In practice, all I can do is look at this beautiful couple. His tie matches his eyes which coordinate with her gown and the bejeweled comb holding back some of her hair. They circle one another like wary cats -- hands almost touching but not. Clockwise. Counter-clockwise. Clockwise. Oh FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, TOUCH ALREADY! The Within Temptation lead singer agrees with me. All my agony fades away, when you hold me in your embrace. And there, finally, he holds her in his arms. And that's it. That's the moment. That's the game changer. Somerhalder always has those pretty, flushed cheeks, so you really can't tell when he's blushing, but the olive-skinned Nina Dobrev is suddenly just as pink. They dance. They stare. Damon's gaze is mature, appreciative, flattering, and not at all a leer. He changes into the antebellum southern gentleman he was meant to be. When it's time for them to part, Elena realizes she's just had OMGEYESEX with her boyfriend's brother. She can't meet Damon's gaze. He can't take his eyes off her. Meanwhile, the Nielsen people try to figure out why the DVRs they monitor keep rewinding to the 8:40 PM mark.

Parking Lot; Sunset: You know, it's not so much a lot as a road, but whatever. Stefan is still freaking out on poor, enthralled Anxiety Amber, who ought to catch the next bus back to Cougar Town. "I don't hurt people. I don't do that. I'm the good brother." Ha. When Amber asks if he wants to hurt her, he says he wants to kill her, rip into her skin, feed on her blood. He waxes poetic about her carotid artery. This is no OMGEYESEX dance, lemme tell you, but it manages to be tense and funny at the same time. Stefan says if he gives in, there's no going back. Amber tells him not to. Stefan then swears he just wants one taste. Amber parrots his last words. He gives in and drinks his way to COMMERCIAL.

Event: Caroline is crowned Miss Mystic Falls. Hooray! Even Elena is thrilled. Caroline can't believe it. Meanwhile, Liz misses her daughter's coronation. She's off with Snark in the bathroom. No, not for that. They're inspecting the broken mirror and the blood (which is just Stefan's, but they don't know that) Stefan left in his wake. Liz says, "Get me Damon Salvatore." Yeah, maybe he can do something with Snark's hair.

Outside; Nightfall: Stefan continues to struggle with his nature. Amber doesn't mind, she just tells him that next time, he shouldn't do it so hard. He rushes toward her, babbling that he can't stop, but is distracted by the fact that she isn't afraid. When he asks her why, she reminds him, "You told me not to be." He's so messed up he doesn't even remember he compelled her. In a brief moment of sympathy, he orders her to fear him and run away, right now.

Inside: Bonnie overhears Damon telling Elena about the signs of a struggle in the upstairs bathroom, and the fact that Amber is missing. When Elena tries to convince herself that Stefan wouldn't hurt Amber, Damon evades the subject. "Let's just find him, okay." Bonnie follows after them.

Outside: Poor Anxiety Amber runs and runs and runs, until she runs right back into Stefan. "You said to run!" Stefan: "I changed my mind." He sinks his teeth into her neck. Her screams lead Elena, Damon and Bonnie right to the grisly scene. When Elena calls out Stefan's name, he lets Amber drop to the ground. Blood and saliva still drip from his bottom lip. He looks like a rabid animal. Damon moves in on his brother as he encourages him to breathe through it and get control, but Stefan hurls him through the air and into a tree. As Elena cries for Stefan to stop it, Bonnie realizes she must intervene. She gives Stefan the same sort of mystical migraine that Grams gave Damon when he showed up at Second Sight Shack. This is enough to call Stefan to his senses. As Damon assures him it's okay, Stefan looks at the girls and dies a thousand deaths. He takes off through the night. Commercial.

Amber's okay. Liz talks to her and then updates Damon and the girls that Amber can't remember anything. She asks Bonnie and Elena if they saw anything. Bonnie doesn't open her mouth, so Elena lies that they just found Amber like that and called Damon. Bonnie asks if Amber will be okay. Liz assures her she will and sends them back to the party.

Once they're alone, Elena tries to get Bonnie to talk to her, but Bonnie says there's nothing to talk about. When Elena pleads, Bonnie turns to face her. "I told you I wasn't going to make you choose, but I need to make the choice for myself. Please, just leave me alone." Elena watches as Bonnie gets in her car. We cut to...

Inside, Jeremy and Anna are still chatting with each other when Aunt Jenna asks him if he's ready to leave. When he asks for a moment, Jenna leaves them and smirks to herself, because she thinks her nephew is flirting with a cute young girl, instead of a cute, old vampire. Snark asks who the girl is. Jenna says she's Anna, daughter of Pearl, the woman who's trying to buy Grayson's building. Snark says he believes he already knows all about Pearl, because that won't make Jenna curious at all, will it?

Entry way, as Alaric leaves to get the car, he runs into Elena and gets a look at her expression. "What happened?" She looks up at him, like you look up at your daddy, when you very much need your daddy.

Outside: Pearl and Anna surprise Damon, who says, "All right now, this is getting weird." When Anna says they want to talk, Damon says he's not in the mood. "Today's been a no-good, very bad day." I

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