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Now, am I wrong? Did Tyler not tell her to wear a dress? He did, right, so why is Hayley wearing a bandage? I didn't even know they came in that color. Anyhow, Hayley walks up to the table, where the pageant tiara waits on pillow. Picking it up and putting it on her head, Hayley says, "I can't believe that I won. I just want to thank the judges for seeing past the fact that I'm a raging bitch." Heh. Tyler takes her actions more seriously. "You don't want to do that. Those girls will cut you. They have nails." Double heh. Hayley replies: "I have claws." Meh. Still, she puts down the tiara, just before Caroline takes center stage.

Taking the microphone, Caroline presents the Miss Mystic Court, but not before reminding everyone that she is still the reigning Miss Mystic Falls. Shouldn't she be wearing the tiara, and then place it on the head of this year's winner? Is one of the contestants wearing Elena's gown from her pageant? Oh never mind that. Look, there are two women of color in the Court. Okay, that's actually good on the diversity front. Of course they don't have any speaking lines, but I complained about the mere appearance of Kim in chains, so I'm glad to see another appearances-only scene in which the show does better. Damon can't help but steal a glance at Elena. Surely, he's remembering last year. Elena is too.

As Caroline introduces the contestants, Matt approaches Elena and asks if she's seen Jeremy. Matt's been "wrangling" the escorts at Caroline's behest, and Jeremy isn't among them. Matt then asks Elena if Jeremy told her about his nightmares..."The ones where he kills you?" Elena says she'll find him, but then stops talking, so we can watch April make her descent down the stairs -- wearing her lovely red dress. She tells Matt that April is about to be abandoned (much like Stefan abandoned Elena, last time). Matt says he's got it, so he's playing the Damon role and it looks like he'll have to do that "weird dance thing" after all. Jeremy's name is announced, but he's not there, so Matt steps in. When April takes his arm, she could not be more pleased. Matt tells her Jeremy is running late. Elated, April chirps that she guesses Matt will do.

On the dance floor, Matt whispers to April to take the lead. The partners bow and curtsy to each other. The "weird dance thing starts." Damon steals another hopeful glance at Elena, but then realizes she's preoccupied. Looking back at him distracts her a little. Once Damon looks away, Elena steps off to make a phone call. Caroline rushes over and asks where Jeremy is. Elena explains she's calling him right now, but he's not picking up. Damon has joined the ladies by then and speculates that perhaps Jeremy overdid it at the open bar, which would be totally acceptable in Mystic Falls, because the adults are brain dead. Remember, this is the town in which student can advertise keg parties in their high school.

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