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Elena says, "Matt says that Jeremy's been having dreams about killing vampires, and he's been hiding it from me." Wow, she's covering for him a little, which is a good thing, because she knows Damon would kill him in a heartbeat. Damon looks concerned, but tells Elena, "Relax. I'm sure he's fine." Elena: "I don't know. I have a bad feeling." Damon says, "If I'm not worried, you shouldn't be worried. Let it go. I'll go look for him." Caroline nods in approval and fakes up a smile for Damon that fades as soon as he walks off.

Alone with Elena, Caroline tells Elena to go home. She'll look around the Lockwood place for the Germ. Elena: "Maybe Damon's right. Maybe he grabbed a bottle from the bar and snuck off to the woods." Caroline says, "No, Damon's never right. Damon is sneaky and manipulative, and rude, but he's never right. How can you not see that?" Well, probably because he's frequently right, Caroline. I mean, yeah, he's definitely sneaky, manipulative, and rude, but as far as being right is concerned, his batting average certainly isn't the lowest in the Fellowship of the Falls. Elena feels much the same way I do, so to answer Caroline, she says, "I don't know, but why do I think that you won't hesitate to tell me?" Caroline: "Okay. Fine. Friend-tervention." Oh that's a pretty gnarly portmanteau, Care Bear. But I've interrupted you. Please continue.

Caroline: "I think your so-called feelings for Damon are really starting to cloud your judgment, and I don't like it." Klaus walks up then, but Caroline doesn't let that stop her. "The thought of you two together really makes me want to barf." Klaus leans in close and whispers, "Easy, love. You're making a scene." As I mentioned earlier, given Damon's past actions toward a then-human Caroline, everything about her distaste for a Damon/Elena pairing rings true, and is, on whole, a good thing. That said, Caroline is there with KLAUS who killed Jenna, made all their lives a living hell, and tried to kill Elena, until he realized that he'd be better served by keeping her alive to act as a wet nurse to his hybrids, and a future brood mare to the doppelgänger bloodline. Elena is more restrained than I, so she only says, "Wow, Caroline. Thank you for making this very difficult time so much easier." When Elena storms off, Caroline shrugs and asks, "How did I become the bad guy?" Klaus: "Let's get you a drink. I'll tell you all about being the bad guy."

Inside the Lockwood Mansion, Damon is on the phone with Stefan, hoping against hope that his brother hasn't roped Elena's brother into a world of crazy. Stefan says he had no choice. Elena needs a cure. Damon: "Oh, right, so you can turn her back into the girl who is still in love with you." Stefan says he gets why Damon wouldn't want to believe it, but Elena is no longer herself. Damon's all of course you would think that. Meanwhile, Jeremy is staring down at his arm. His hunter's mark has grown.

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