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Stefan chases Elena across the lawn. She doesn't have time to talk. She's got to find Jeremy. Stefan confesses it's his fault that Jeremy had that reaction. Jeremy was with him, today, killing vampires, so they could make his map grow, and find the cure. Stefan thinks that each time a hunter kills a vampire, it increases his urge to kill more. If getting her humanity back means stripping Jeremy of his, Elena doesn't want the cure. Stefan: "He's the only way to fix all of this." Elena: "You mean me. The only way to fix me. You don't have to love me like this. This is who I am now. The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go." Noticing Stefan's attention has been diverted, Elena follows his eyes, until she spies Damon come up from behind her. When she turns back to him, Stefan lowers his head and skulks off.

Gilbert Gables. Matt finds Jeremy packing his bags. He won't live there if he's in danger of killing his sister. Matt: "Elena knows that. That's why she moved out and asked me to move in." Matt isn't one of them, so he can keep an eye on Jeremy and keep the hunter stuff in check. Being a hunter must leave one with some brain damage, because Jeremy asks where Elena will go. We cut, of course, to...

Mossy Manse. Damon opens the door for Elena. Stefan emerges from the parlor. Elena explains to him that she can no longer stay at home. Stefan says, "Pick a room." He waits a beat, then adds, "I'll crash somewhere else." We cut to...

The barn. Kim is on the floor. She begs Tyler to tell her it's over. She can't take much more of this. Tyler crouches by her side and nods. "It's over. Nice work. We are one step closer to ending this." Wait. I thought she had to transition over and over until it was no longer painful. That's what Hayley said. If she can't take much more of this, it must still be painful. Plus, shouldn't they try to get Klaus to give her an order, just to see if this "therapy" worked? Tyler ignores me and takes out his phone. He sends a text that reads: "Kim broke the sire bond. Where are you?" We cut to...

Professor Shane's Office. Hayley reads Tyler's message and smiles at Shane. "We got another one." Shane says, "Good. Then we're almost ready." Hayley says, "I want to leave Tyler out of this when it all goes down." Shane: "We'll talk when you've broken the last one."

Mossy Manse: Damon brings Elena a whiskey, but is surprised that she's drinking it. "I was being polite. I thought you hated whiskey." Elena says, "My brother wants to kill me." Damon eye-things at her and says, "Welcome to the club." They clink glasses. Elena: "Jeremy can't live with me. Stefan wants to fix me, and Caroline flat-out admitted that she doesn't like me this way. I think it's safe to say that I'm not so great with this vampire thing." Damon says, "You want to know what I think? I don't think I've ever seen you more alive." Elena chuckles at that, brings up their dance at her Miss Mystic pageant, then adds, "I wanted to dance with you, today." Taking her glass, Damon lays it next to his on the coffee table, stands, extends his hand to Elena, helps her up, and leads her in front of the fireplace and then I have to block my ears for a few seconds, because my daughter is shrieking with delight, over hearing Ed Sheeran singing, "Kiss miss." Fortunately, Damon and Elena aren't talking, just dancing. We cut to...

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