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Nowhere. We're staying right in Mossy Manse, so let's get back to the good stuff. (I should burn this episode to DVD and cut out all of the buzz killing cuts to Fortress Forbes, but I'm far too lazy to do that.) As Damon and Elena dance, he spins her out and then pulls her back to him. They kiss and I can't decide if Damon initiates it, or if it's mutual, but I am pretending Elena initiated it, so that their first full-fledged love scene isn't tainted by thoughts of sire-bond nullification of Elena's agency and consent. The kissing intensifies. Elena forces Damon up against the wall (and knocks over a lamp in the process). That is definitely initiated by Elena (on screen, that is, not just in my imagination). Damon looks startled, but game. There is some more kissing, then Elena rips open Damon's shirt. It's Damon's turn to zoop Elena up against a wall, but that doesn't bother me. She started it. She also wraps her leg around his waist. Eventually, they end up in Damon's bed. Elena is on top of Damon. She pushes him down and kisses him. Now he's on top of her. They switch positions again. And again. His lips travel down her body. Her lips travel down his. They lock lips again and carry us into the title card. There. I fixed it. You're welcome.

Okay, now here's all the crap I skipped: Fortress Forbes. I am still mad at the show, so you're getting the skinny. I did not cut back and forth between the Mossy Manse scenes and these scenes, because it's the cutting that mostly made me mad, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Stefan thinks he needs to let go of Elena. Caroline insists that Stefan can't give up on her, because together, they're "epic." Caroline is sure there's something wrong with Elena. It's when they're discussing how Klaus is going to need fresh, human Elena blood (because Tyler has un-sired most of the hybrids) that a light goes on over both their heads. Caroline figures it out first, though. She decides that Elena must feel a sire bond to Damon. I'm not going through her explanations, either, because I don't have to. So neener. The bottom line is, Damon's blood (via an injection from Meredith) made Elena a vampire. Sire bond among vampires is rare, but it happens (to give the show its due, this was explained back when Damon figured out Tyler's creepy loyalty toward Klaus). Now I don't have to talk about that any more. Ta dah!

I know all of Elena's feelings for Damon aren't caused by the sire bond. She certainly wanted him before she even turned. Here is why I was so upset when I wrote the recaplet. The Show failed to let their first love scene be joyful. They squandered it. Now Damon never told Elena to be in love with him. In fact, until she and Stefan broke up, Damon had been taking the annoying high road. He called Stefan to Elena's side, without her knowledge or consent, when she was first feeling the effects of the hunter's curse. When Elena got all cutesy-wootsy with Damon, after he saved her from burning up, he said out loud he was taking the annoying high road, and explained that Stefan was only being shady because he was working to find a cure for Elena.

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