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The Real Slim Shady

Hospital. Shady Stefan enters and starts reading patient's charts. When he spies a guard outside one patient's room, Stefan compels him to take break. Inside the patient's room, Stefan keeps the compulsion eyes on, and asks that prisoner-patient why there was a cop outside his room. Patient: "I'm a convicted murderer." Stefan: "Are you guilty?" Patient: "Of course I am." Stefan: "Any regrets?" Patient: "Only that I got caught."

Having gotten all the conscience salve he'll need for what's to come next, Stefan bites into his own wrist and forces the patient to drink, then snaps his neck. Shady Stefan is all about the end justifying the means.

Lockwood Mansion. Caroline hollers at three girls who are bearing floral arrangements. See that cute little one in the middle? That's two time Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabrielle Douglas. Aside from being an insanely talented athlete, Ms. Douglas is a big fan of The Vampire Diaries. I can't believe I had the foresight to "favorite" the conversation that initiated this appearance, especially in the summer. Go me, with my accidental failure to slack.

You see, back in August, Julie Plec tweeted: "In the span of one week I learned that an Olympic Gold Medalist and an American Idol love TVD. That rocks. @gabrielledoug @kelly_clarkson" Ms. Douglas replied: "@julieplec Awww thank you soo much!!! Btw this is one of my FAVORITE SHOW! #TheVampireDiaires #Guessappearance? lol :) <3" Plec responded: "Blushing, @gabrielledoug, you let us know when you're free and we'll see what we can do! #allinthetvdfamily"

I am in awe of gymnasts, particularly female gymnasts, so seeing Ms. Douglas on TVD just warms the cockles of my heart, and is perhaps the reason it didn't end up entirely frost-bitten by episode's end. I'm so proud of the TVD team for making this happen. So kids, if you want to appear on The Vampire Diaries, all you've got to do is devote your life to a sport, be better at it than anyone else in the entire world, win a couple of Olympic Gold Medals, and then have your people call Plec's people. No big! (Gabrielle, you should have held out for a kissing scene with the character of your choice. Wait. Scratch that. It's probably better for your health to make a quick exit from Mystic Falls.)

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